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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 3]


Winston McCallLMM – I also wanted to talk about the different producers on your last two albums and their contribution to the finished sound on both releases. What was the best thing about working with Adam Dutkiewicz on Horizons?

WM – With Adam?
LMM – Yeah. He’s had his fair share of musical experience. How did it first come about that he worked on the album with you?

WM – He worked on the first two albums we did which was absolutely wonderful. He came along at a time when we were still a young band and had no idea what to do and came up with the idea of either recording in Australia that would be a very national sounding recording or do something overseas that would really stand out in the international scene.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 1]

Interview: Hannah Collins

Winston McCallOut on the run, and sitting quietly in a car it’s about 11.30AM when the phone rings.

It’s an anticipated call, an exciting sound, I answer, my heart beating with suspended animation.

LMM – Hello Hannah Speaking
WM – Hey Hannah It’s Winston [McCall] from Parkway Drive here.

LMM – So have you done a few interviews already this morning?
WM – No I haven’t actually, this is the first one.

LMM – Really? So you got to have a bit of a sleep in?
WM – *Laughs* Yeah a little bit!

LMM – Good Stuff. So you’ve been touring off the back of your latest release, Deep Blue, having done a recent national tour. The Brisbane leg of the show was stated to be (in your own words) one of or even the biggest headlining shows that you’ve played in Australia.
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Interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive [Part 2]


Winston McCallLMM – Parkway Drive have played with some huge names in metal, like Killswitch Engage, Chimaira and In Flames. They’re all huge names in your genre so do you think there’s a reason that you feel a little bit more intimidated playing on the No Sleep Til tour?

WM – Well definitely because there’s a bunch of bands on the line up that we’re really good friends with..ie a Day to Remember among others but at the same time there’s bands that I’ve wanted to see for a hell of a long time that I’ve never gotten to see before, like NOFX and of course Descendants. We found out about NOFX first and we though to play with them would be insane cause we’re all massive NOFX fans from way back, we’re pretty big punk fans! Then we found out about Descendants those freaks! It’s insane to have a bill like that and its mind warping we’re playing with them. Its gunna be a really, really long day put it that way!
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Parkway Drive – “Deep Blue” LP Review

Review: Lana Harris

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  There are lots of surprises in the musical world. Who would’ve thought that Billy Ray Cyrus would still be making money, that Ozzy Osbourne would still be alive, or that Parkway Drive – who mix hardcore and metal styles into brutal barrages of songs – could have emerged from the womb of hippiedom, Byron Bay? But it happens, and the success of Parkway Drive has recently been confirmed with their third album Deep Blue acknowledged at the Australian Music Industry Awards with the honour of ‘best hard rock/ punk album’.

The award for the album is not one of the music world’s surprises. Deep Blue is a masterpiece of jack hammering ear assault.

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