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Falls Festival 2010 – Festival Review

by Jose Eduardo Cruz

This was my first Falls Festival and it was an event that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Absolutely everything that was put in place by the organisers was solely for the enjoyment of the 16,000 attendees. I would find it really hard to find something negative to say about the whole experience.

Firstly, the organising committee have to be given a massive thank you for putting such a high level event. From our arrival we were subjected to VIP treatment. VIP camping grounds, with warm showers may I add, which come in handy when the temperature plummets to 5 degrees. In typical Victorian style the weather fluctuated between 5 degrees at night to 41 degrees in the middle of the day.
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Regurgitator supported by DJ Krush @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – 18 September 2010 – Live Review

Review: Jose Eduardo Cruz.

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[Photo: Matt Palmer]
  So once again Regurgitator had decided to hit the road for a run of shows. I have to confess that I grew up with this band; all through high school “the gurge” always made the playing list at our parties. So to see them live again was quite nostalgic for it brought back many memories of years gone by. DJ Krush had been brought along for the ride.

For the second time this week I saw DJ Krush warming up a crowd. I managed to see him on Friday at Valentino Up Late while I looked at art pieces and thought “hmmm that sounds pretty good can’t wait to hear him play his set tomorrow”.

I always found it fascinating that one person can control the energy of an entire room. The beginning of his set seemed a bit messy and you could tell by the response in the crowd. It appeared as if everyone was wondering around aimlessly trying to figure out what was being played on the stage.

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Blue King Brown “Worldwize” Album Review

Review By Jose Eduardo Cruz

  After what has seemed like an eternity, almost four years, Blue King Brown finally drop a new album. The wait was definitely worth it because instead of one album BKB dropped two albums. Northside, a roots/reggae dancing compilation. Southside, a dub driven experience.

Recorded in the legendary Jamaican studio Tuff Gong which now houses the Bob Marley museum, this album has the genuine feel of a legitimate modern reggae album. It may have been the surroundings in which it was made or it could just be that BKB have now truly established themselves as international stars.

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My Fiction supported by Numbers Radio and Judy Dolls @ The Zoo, Brisbane 16 July 2010 – Live Review

Review by: Jose Eduardo Cruz

[Photo: Jose Eduardo Cruz]
  National coverage through Triple J and Rage builds the anticipation on My Fiction’s album launch tonight and the question on everyone’s head is whether the album will deliver what this band has long promised.

I missed the opening support act so I apologise for not arriving earlier at the venue. I did however make my way there on time to catch Numbers Radio’s show in its entirety. I am a big fan of these guys.

This is the second time that I have seen them since their debut album was released and they just continue to grow as a band every time. Continue reading My Fiction supported by Numbers Radio and Judy Dolls @ The Zoo, Brisbane 16 July 2010 – Live Review

Live Review: Tame Impala @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 14 May 2010

Review: Jose Eduardo Cruz

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[Photo: Charlyn Cameron]
  Given that this was a Friday night in Brisbane and it was getting colder by the minute, I wasn’t expecting such a big turn out tonight. But to my surprise the venue was three quarters full and a great atmosphere had already begun to build prior to the headliners entering the stage.

I managed to catch a good part of The Silents’ set which was a good appetizer before the main meal. Very gentle sounds

and everything that a good warm up band should contain. Good sounds, ok mix and great potential to be the headliner in a couple of years.

Tame Impala get onto the stage as if they were walking into their living room to sit down for a jam in front of their friends. Bare feet, smiles and a few beers in hand they each position themselves and prepare. It is so noticeable that it needs to be mentioned, as soon as the first note is played each of the members’ face completely changes and a focused look falls onto their appearance. Gone is the joker side and game face appears. Their eyes say that the one thing that they all came here to do is upon them and the time has arrived to celebrate. Continue reading Live Review: Tame Impala @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 14 May 2010

Photo Gallery: Machine Head The Black Procession’ Tour @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 27 March 2010 w/ Hatebreed & Bleeding Through

Photographer: Jose Eduardo Cruz
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Machine Head
Machine HeadMachine Head

Bleeding Through
[Photo: Jose Eduardo Cruz]

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Machine Head The Black Procession’ Tour @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 27 March 2010 w/ Hatebreed & Bleeding Through

Machine HeadBuy: Machine Head at iTunes

HatebreedBuy: Hatebreed at iTunes

Bleeding ThroughBuy: Bleeding Through at iTunes
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Live Review and Photos: Vieux Farka Toure @ Brisbane Powerhouse 16 January 2010

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Vieux Farka Toure
[Photo: Jose Eduardo Cruz]
  Review: Jose Eduardo Cruz
One of the most beautiful things about music is that you don’t need to speak a specific language to appreciate it. There are thousands of artists that don’t speak a word of English, but still manage to have ability to transcend the language barrier and deliver their musical message.

Tonight’s entire offerings were sung completely in a language other then English. The fact that most of the audience did not understand a single word of what was being said was not a deterrent for everyone to have an absolutely enjoyable night.
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Live Review | One 4 All – Karalbo @ Brisbane Powerhouse 16 October 2009

One 4 All – Karalbo @ Brisbane Powerhouse 16 October 2009
Photo and Review by José Eduardo Cruz

One 4 AllFor many reasons, tonight’s offering is nothing short of spectacular. This is theater at its rawest and most natural without the star attitude. The performers are not paid actors, nor are they trained or would they be considered seasoned professionals. Karalbo is a collaboration between several well know Brisbane artists and youths from various cultural backgrounds trying to find their place in an ever-changing society. The motivation behind this project was to present, if only to a few, a stage and an audience to express valuable stories and somehow come to grips with the duality that invariably comes when you are born and raised within a cultural construct and grow up within another predominant cultural construct that will, try as it may, always see you as an outsider.
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Live Review | Sounds of Spring 2009 (part 2)

Review By Jose Eduardo Cruz
Photo by Matt Palmer

MammalAfter overcoming security guards that were more intent on removing bottled water from punters then checking bags for dangerous items, I entered the RNA to a sea of people ready to have a good time. There was an incredible amount of space for everyone to move around in; there were plenty of real toilets, not those disgusting portaloo’s made famous by Kenny, and sufficient shade to shelter during the midday sun.
The first band on the agenda was Melodyssy on the Trash Stage.
With a sizable crowd present, Melodyssy dive into a powerful set. Unfortunately, the mix was way too bass driven and overpowered the guitar and vocals. Overall, they managed to please those that stayed around to listen to their whole set.

After The Fall at the Main Stage begin to warm things up with their danceable vibrant set. The crowd was rather tame considering the high energy these guys were putting out. Nevertheless, a masked Mexican wrestler and Barney Rubble made an appearance in the crowd which was duly noted by their front man.

Next in line was Dead Letter Circus and the first sing along of the festival gets started. These guys are professional and could be the next big thing potentially taking over the spot currently held by The Butterfly Effect. The pit was still subdued and only until their front man decided to jump from the stage and acquaint himself with the front row that the energy in the pit picked up. We see the first crowd surfers and the crowd ignites. In a gesture that will make everyone remember them, Dead Letter Circus started to throw multiple bottles of water into the crowd. DLC proclaim that “Sounds Of Spring” is the best festival and that there are “No glow sticks here!!”

Now I will dedicate several more words to the next band for they were, for me, by far the best band in the line up. Mammal exploded onto the stage with Ezekiel Ox wearing a pair of bull horns through the entire first song. The entire pit was electric and fed off every move from the entire band. Mid set things got a little interesting. Mr. Ox pointed to the Australian flag and explained why he did not associate himself with it. He pointed to the Aboriginal flag fixed to his mic and pledged his allegiance to Indigenous Australians. Not ever having associated Mammal with a political stance, it’s a pleasure to see and hear some level of social commentary in such a massive public gathering. Perhaps not the best delivery, considering alcohol and ignorance can lead to violent patriotism, but nonetheless an excellent move. It does not stop there, Mr. Ox decided to dive into the crowd, crowd surf his way to the middle of the pit while signing and carrying on a call and response. Looking forward to documenting this band in the near future.

Shihad, the on again off again band from across the pacific, jump on stage with their trade mark low rider guitars and embark on a greatest hits set. They struggle to get the crowd motivated enough, but it’s a hard task having to follow Mammal. The regulatory sing along is carried out as is the diving into the crowd.

As 5pm approached, the sun begun to set and people begun to tire and the ample grass space was taken over by sleepy bodies. Anticipating the forecasted dust storm, I made my way to a more protected area within the RNA.

Something with Numbers on the Triple J stage was an interesting band. They had the whole tent from the front to the back dancing. In between songs, I was approached by a fairy, which seem to come out a lot at festivals, and given a present. Before she left she said for me to dance and continue having fun.

The Beautiful Girls is a special band that is always well received wherever they play. Two new songs are debuted and near the end of their show they had the crowd singing to a Phil Collins classic. “I can feel it in the air tonight”, “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”… very appropriate considering the dust storm that hit Brisbane that night.

Blue King Brown is received by a much smaller crowd then they are used to. They are always cultural, political and acknowledging. The fusion of latin, reggae and rock has made them the premier band in Australia within their genre. However, this is the third time watching this band and although I am a big fan, the format of their performance has been the same the three times I have seen them. My fear is that they will be overexposed and quickly become stale. Nevertheless, they are one of the best Australian independent bands. This reviewer just hopes that something new begins to happen in their shows.
As yet another festival draws to a close, Josh Pyke gently sends everyone home with his beautiful sound.

Overall this was one of the best festivals I have ever attended. The atmosphere was excellent, there were no overly drunk idiots ruining the day for someone else, the punters were very calm and respectful and even with a dust storm that made everything seem apocalyptic, fun was had by everyone. We all await 2010 with anticipation.

Live Review | Shapeshifter @ the Hi-Fi, Brisbane, Friday 11 September 2009

Shapeshifter @ the Hi-Fi, Brisbane, Friday 11 September 2009
Review by: Will Alexander – Photo: Jose Eduardo Cruz

ShapeShifterIt was New Zealand night at the Hi-Fi Brisbane last Friday, and if the accents didn’t give it away then the multitude of girls walking around screaming out for their countrymen did. Irrespective of how bad (and hilarious) the Flight of the Conchords make us look though, there’s no shortage of amazing New Zealander entertainers out there and Shapeshifter are undoubtedly some of the finest. Shapeshifter has earned no small degree of fame after the release of three albums, and you get the sense listening to them that they’ve come close to perfecting an electronically heavy but still organic sound. Unmistakably a drum and bass act on their studio albums, you more often than not see them referred to as a ‘dance’ act in live reviews. This may seem like an oversimplification of their sound but in reality the rising and falling of the beats is energetic and soulful – and doesn’t come across as straight drum and bass at all.
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Live Review | The Herd @ The Zoo, Brisbane – 31 July 2009

By José Eduardo Cruz

The Herd
The Herd supported by Koolism.
July 31 @ The Zoo

This is to be The Herd’s final national tour for twelve months. Although they had decided not to tour for the remainder of 2009, they succumbed to popular demand for another tour. Since this is a fan’s tour, their fans came out in absolute support and made this night a Sold Out night several days in advance.

It is always good to see a support act receive acknowledgements from a crowd that is eagerly waiting for the headliner. Koolism do an excellent job at drawing several acknowledgements from tonight’s crowd. It is amazing what two guys, a laptop and some decs can do. It’s worth a mention that several punters, at the conclusion of their set, quickly moved to the side of the stage to personally greet and congratulate them.

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