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Live Review: Mono, laura, Del Toro @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 6 December 2009

Reviewer: Denis Semchenko

[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
  Concluding my adventures in Hi-Fi (Brisbane) (to paraphrase an R.E.M. album title) for the week – Sia on Thursday, Jarvis Cocker on Saturday – is a Sunday night event with a bill that looks like post-rock lover’s wet dream: Japanese celestial noise giants Mono, sublime Melbournians laura and Brisbane’s own math soundscapists Del Toro. In contrast with the packed earlier shows, there’s room to move and the alcohol-fuelled rowdiness, frequent at “name” gigs, is absent: everyone’s here to listen to MUSIC.

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Live Review | ARCH ENEMY @ HI-FI Brisbane 7 November 2009 with Winds of Plague (USA) and Suffocation (USA)

Review: Hannah Collins

Arch EnemyHaving spoken with Michael Amott re their most recent Album launch and subsequent tour schedule only last month, I can’t wait to see one of today’s most sought after guitarists in action!

Just 10 minutes after doors opened at the venue, we hear the drum beats blast into the night air as the building we’re in and those surrounding begin to vibrate in time with the pressing percussion seeping out through the walls of Brisbane’s Hi Fi Bar; a whole block away!

My heart misses a beat, and my conscious won’t forgive me if I miss ANY of tonight’s gig, so off we run. We’re greeted at the door by an almost empty line up, all the smart kids got inside a while ago. A sea of black awaits, a room full of metal heads all wearing their favorite bands most recent album cover, pressed on casual tee’s and worn over classic ink….. it doesn’t get any more metal than this!
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The View (UK) Australian Tour 2009/2010

The View   Marrying the forked tongue wit and guttersnipe humor of The Libertines with the melodic nous of The Buzzcocks and Oasis, The View – one of the latest groups from the UK to be touted as “the next big thing” – are bringing their infectious sounds to Australia for the 2009/2010 festival season.
The Scottish band have been making music since the four members met in school in Dundee, and progressed quickly from gigs at caravan parks and family weddings to the international rock ‘n’ roll stage.

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News: MONO (JAP) @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 6 December 2009

Just in time for their 10-year anniversary, MONO return with their fifth studio album, the absolutely massive Hymn To The Immortal Wind.

After touring almost non-stop for five years, the band hibernated for over a year to focus solely on writing Hymn. The result is their most thoughtful and eclectic album to date. Written and arranged with a hopeful, romantic narrative in mind, the songs string together like chapters in an epic love story. The music is naturally majestic, with MONO’s trademark wall of noise crashing beautifully against the largest chamber orchestra the band has ever enlisted. The instrumentation is vast, incorporating strings, flutes, organ, piano, glockenspiel and tympani into their standard face-melting set-up. Continue reading

Live Review: The Bronx, Numbers Radio and Mariachi El Bronx @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 09 September 2009

Review By: Hannah Collins
A punk gathering with more ink than I’ve ever seen in one place gravitated to Brisbanes Hi Fi on Thurs 9th for what will soon become, a show of constant intrigue.
Mariachi El BronxEntering the venue and approaching main viewing area, I’m tuned in to the sight of a rather tall, masked clown making funnies on the stage. Standing alone, in front of the red and gold, fanned Bronx titled backdrop, it feels somewhat like a circus. Deep red lighting accentuates the atmosphere, as the “clown” begins to chant and stir the audience. Statements like “get those tequila shots into you guys!” come ringing from right of stage.

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Live Review | Shapeshifter @ the Hi-Fi, Brisbane, Friday 11 September 2009

Shapeshifter @ the Hi-Fi, Brisbane, Friday 11 September 2009
Review by: Will Alexander – Photo: Jose Eduardo Cruz

ShapeShifterIt was New Zealand night at the Hi-Fi Brisbane last Friday, and if the accents didn’t give it away then the multitude of girls walking around screaming out for their countrymen did. Irrespective of how bad (and hilarious) the Flight of the Conchords make us look though, there’s no shortage of amazing New Zealander entertainers out there and Shapeshifter are undoubtedly some of the finest. Shapeshifter has earned no small degree of fame after the release of three albums, and you get the sense listening to them that they’ve come close to perfecting an electronically heavy but still organic sound. Unmistakably a drum and bass act on their studio albums, you more often than not see them referred to as a ‘dance’ act in live reviews. This may seem like an oversimplification of their sound but in reality the rising and falling of the beats is energetic and soulful – and doesn’t come across as straight drum and bass at all.
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Sunday Selection: Grand Atlantic : 6 September 2009

LifeMusicMedia Sunday Selection is your weekly view to Australian Artists

Grand Atlantic   With earth shaking guitar riffs that give way to an addictive pop melody saturation, ‘She’s A Dreamer’, the first release from Grand Atlantic’s follow up to their acclaimed debut, marks the end of a productive 2008 and demonstrates a band set to take 2009 by force. The enthralling and mysterious new album, titled ‘How We Survive’, was mixed by Magoo (Midnight Oil, Powderfinger, Regurgitator, An Horse) and was mastered in Nashville and released on Laughing Outlaw Records in June 2009.

Their debut EP ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ saw Grand Atlantic soar into Australia’s national consciousness. Released in November ’06, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ created a storm of approval locally and overseas. The ‘2006 Drum Media Writers Poll’ listed it as one of the top ten EPs Of The Year and the title track’s superb

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Static-X Australian Tour – November 2009!

Get set to descend into aural oblivion, and get ready to join the cult as STATIC-X make a welcome return to Australia this November!

static x   “I’m a big believer in entertainment,” exclaims Wayne Static. “Our shows have a party atmosphere. We have a good time, and we invite the crowd to have a good time with us. I want people to forget about everything for the hour we’re onstage.” That’s why the fans still pack houses all over the world for Static-X on every tour.

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Live Review: Anberin, The Academy Is, Werewolves @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 27 August 2009

Anberin, The Academy Is, Werewolves @ Hi-Fi Brisbane 27 August 2009
Review by: Hannah Collins
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[Photo: Jose Eduardo Cruz]
  On arrival at the venue, the long line of youths, streaming well down the road stands out like a sore thumb. Doors open sharply at 8 and upon wandering into the venue through a narrow side street entrance, sounds of the first act Werewolves, bellow down the stairs. On entry into the main viewing area, it’s notable that the crowds are still streaming in, an array of indie pop rock lovers complimentary to the line up of the evening. The atmosphere was positive, with most onlookers standing patiently in a favored spot, making sure they secure a position to get the possible best view of Bands to come.

The venue was perfect. Clean, new and open, with clear viewing of the main stage from both sides, rear bar and upper balcony. Well suited, dim but clear lighting made it easier for all to navigate through the flurry on the main floor.

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