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CAO FEI – UTOPIA (Visual Arts)

Utopia Second Life is a lab, a world lab, but it consists in a huge global economic system. It brings us business and democracy, at the same time with feelings and culture. We can’t avoid capitalism’s wave; at the same time, we can’t avoid Communist aspirations in our heart. This world is not only dualistic, we’re inconsistent. Communism is our Utopia, Second Life is our E-topia . . . SL is our mirror, it tells us the truth.—Cao Fei

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Lincoln and Austin Field of Vision (Visual Arts)

Lincoln Austin Field of Vision Lincoln Austin’s abstract sculptures meld the interests of minimalism and op art to explore the ways regular, repeated forms can generate optical illusions and effects.

The Ipswich-based artist is known for his small, intricate works, but this will change with the imminent opening of Brisbane’s new building, Northbridge, which features his massive wall relief, Once Again.

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