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Live Review | Tina Arena @ Brisbane Convention Centre – August 24, 2014

Review by David French
Tina Arena_3345-L
Tina Arena’s latest “Reset” tour is by all accounts quite a risk for the singer. She decided to finance it herself and with it take greater control, providing the vision and co-creating the whole tour from the ground up. This was well worth the gamble taken given the overwhelming reaction from the audience that filled the Brisbane Convention Centre on Sunday night.

From the first note of the dramatic opening you could sense the artistic freedom and the packed audience made up of all ages, shapes and sizes were truly ready to embrace Ms. Arena and have fun.
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Photo Gallery + Live Review | Courtney Love @ Newcastle Panthers – August 22, 2014

Review and Photos by David Jackson – Winding Creek Photography – for LifeMusicMedia.com
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As the tattoo on her right arm so vividly displayed the words “let it bleed” this is what Courtney Love gave the audience in Newcastle on Friday night. It flowed not as a viscous fluid but in the form of a rampaging rant via a journey back in time. Although Hole is gone you could not help but draw a comparison. From the all-male four piece band to the constant trip back to the days of Hole with her saturated song list constantly exacerbating this successful stage of her career. I have no doubt this is what the forty year old plus audience came and were looking for. Taking to the stage wearing black stockings and knee high boots, gone was the trashy lingerie however Love’s underwear was strategically positioned over her pants. Resting her leg on her fold back, orange Rickenbacker positioned ready to strike, the band opened up with “Wedding Day” from Love’s new album “Died Blonde” then jumped right into a well-received Hole reunion with “Miss world” followed by “Plump”. “Hello Newcastle, your small not like the other Newcastle” referring to our English friends, this echoed with a smile from Love’s mouth. Sitting on a speaker smoking one of her famous “lucky strikes” Love let loose with “Honey” teasing the audience grinding on the speaker.
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Photo Gallery + Review | Anathema @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – August 22, 2014

Words and Pics: Ben Hosking

Spiritual. Transcendental. Spellbinding. Miraculous. That’s the best way to describe Anathema’s first Sydney concert in their 25-year history. There’s electricity in the air and from the first bars of Untouchable Part 1, everyone can feel it – including the band themselves who are visibly stoked at the reception.
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Live Review | Anathema @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane | August 21, 2014

Review by Wanda Hill
Anathema played their first ever Australian show to a welcoming and receptive audience at the HiFi Bar in Brisbane’s West End on Thursday night. Any doubts about their Australian fan base would have been quickly swept away as the crowd soaked up the power and intensity of their music and joined them in singing along with songs recently released as well as from albums produced many years ago. Yes Anathema, you have many fans here, and we hope you won’t wait so long to visit us again.
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Interview with Daniel Cavanagh – ANATHEMA

Interview by Ben Hosking

Distant Satellites – AnathemaWith ANATHEMA making their long awaited first visit to Australia this August (2014), we were absolutely delighted when Daniel Cavanagh took time out to chat with LifeMusicMedia.com

Your August tour to Australia will be your first to our shores in your 25 year history. Why so long?

I don’t know why so long, it’s just the way it happened. Our career trajectory has had a kind of difficult course and hasn’t always had the backing or focus that it needed to really achieve great things. I think it’s only in the last few years that these things have been in place.
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Breaking Orbit – ‘Become the Light’ (Official Music Video)

The video is a visual extension of the single’s sonic journey that seamlessly flows from quiet and contemplative to a controlled and intricate brutality. Displaying the band’s rigorous stage presence, the video twists and turns through alternative galaxies and light formations, masterfully creating an electrifying performance video.
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