SURFit iPhone App Best Yet for 2010?

Beaut_Bondi_-_be_there_with_SURFit_on_your_iPhone   Is this the first ‘must have’ iPhone app for 2010? Apart from being packed with world-firsts, in the midst of your day do yourself a favor, get SURFit on your iPhone and escape to the beaches and surf of Sydney, for at least a few minutes!

SYDNEY, Aust., 16th February 2010 – SURFit is a new iPhone app from featuring the famous beaches of Sydney Australia in a world-first, fun, interactive experience where you can control LIVE HD surfcams, optimized for 3G on your iPhone.

What makes this app so hot?

Via a tap on SURFit on your iPhone you can be whisked away to sun soaked sand and blue waters, immersed in the great Sydney beach lifestyle.

Does that alone make the app a worthy purchase?

In addition, SURFit’s great beach coverage comes to you live, in glorious HDTV video that’s optimized for 3G. What this means is that no matter where you are, in the bus, train, car, work or home, you can use the app on the move, wherever you have 3G coverage – you don’t need WiFi.

SURFit’s HDTV internet cams are also the world’s first certified by the SMPTE* delivering an unmatched quality of video and colour richness.

To top it off, the best feature of the app is that SURFit’s HDTV cams can be controlled by you via the iPhone.

Tap and you’re in control. Swipe and the cam moves left or right. Flick and you’re zooming in on a surfer, or even a whale! Pinch and you’re zooming out to view a breathtaking dawn or beach panorama.

There’s no end to what you can experience: surfers, kite-surfing, whales, dolphins, divers, iconic tourist beaches, marine parks and nature reserves.

SURFit packs these features in a fun interactive app that’s great for anyone who loves their iPhone and the environment and wants to interact with them like never before.

To get the app go to

SURFit iPhone
The SURFit iPhone app has been developed in partnership with Pantha Corp, IDEAS Systems and

About SURFit

Founded in 2000, SURFit is part of IDEAS Systems Pty Ltd, run from Collaroy Beach, Sydney Australia that specialises in lifestyle content across surfing, fishing, snow, and skate. SURFit is the lifestyle technology innovator, being the first and only green-hosted surfing website in Australia; the first with paid surf reporters, employing locally and guaranteeing the integrity of content; the first with certified HD, live controllable surfcams on the internet, and now on the iPhone. SURFit supports environmental volunteer programs with Coast Care and international child care with World Vision.

SURFit iPhone