STEEL PANTHER at Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane – 4 October 2012 (Live Review)

Review: Stuart Blythe
Photos: KristaBella Photography
Sex, sing-alongs, comedy, catchy tunes and balls out fun! Yep, STEEL PANTHER has it all.
Their brand of tongue-in-cheek rock is an experience to behold and last night, playing to a sold out Brisbane crowd was testament to just that.

As Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia take to the stage, the crowd roars out cheers and the night blasts off with ‘Supersonic Sex Machine’, ‘Tomorrow Night’ and ‘Fat Girl’. Steel Panther, milking the crowd for all it’s got, and the crowd more than happy to oblige.

Rocking through a great catalogue of songs including ‘Asian Hooker’, ‘Gold Digging Whore’, ‘Turn Out The Lights’, ‘Weenie Ride’ ‘Death to All But Metal’ and ‘17 Girls In A Row’, Steel Panther proved not only to be superb entertainers, they are also tight, talented musicians.

Satchel played an impressive solo, a medley of riffs from songs including ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi’ *from The Sound Of Music*.

During ‘Party’, girls were invited onto the stage, one using Michael Starr as a human stripper pole, resulting in some extremely entertaining moves and flashing of boobs everywhere.

Loudest sing-along for the night came when Michael Starr asked the guys in the audience to turn to their girlfriends and sing the next song to them… ‘Community Property’

With the energy and humour levels dialed firmly to “11”, and keeping it there from start to end, made this one not only a good show but an awesome one! Can’t wait to see them in concert again!

Venue: Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Date: 4 October 2012

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