Interview: POLAR – The New Noise

Interview: Kenada Quinlan

  Approximately 24 months old, POLAR are a hardcore statement that are already making waves across Europe while securing suport slots with the likes of Gallows. Part of an ever increasing UK hardcore pack, this 5-piece from Guilford, England obliterate the boundaries of hardcore bringing guts, melody and musical intelligence to the fold.

Off the back of the band’s recent signing to independent label A Wolf At Your Door Records, an excited Life Music Media (LMM) catches up with vocalist Adam Woodford (AW) to talk all things hard, fast, loud and Jager.

LMM – How have the last 12 months been?

  AW – The last 12 months have been amazing, we have put alot of work into our live performance with various tours with great bands such as It Prevails and Heart in Hand.
  We are really proud of our first EP which is called ‘This Polar Noise’ this then got us noticed by Wolf At Your Door and has led us to be signed with our first release to be out in February 2011.

LMM – The most memorable experience…

  AW – The most memorable experience we have had is being main support for Bring Me The Horizon for there album launch, it was a very good experience to play with one of the biggest bands in the world and to much younger audience which was a challenge and we feel we won over some new fans.

LMM – Can you tell us about the song-writing process…

  AW – The song writing process for us will start with Max our guitarist coming up with shell of a song, he’ll then bring it to practice where will put the song together and then Adam will work on the lyrics. After this is done we will then go over and over the song adding backing vocals and making sure we are 100% happy with it.

LMM – How healthy is the UK hardcore scene – are there any bands we should be looking out for?

  AW – At this point in time its great to be in UK hardcore band in the scene, as people are taking great amount interest in the scene and showing alot of support whether it be by listening to bands songs or coming to shows. You should be looking out for Bastions, Heart in Hand, Goodtime Boys and TRC to name but a few, they are all producing very relevant hardcore in the scene today.



LMM – How did the current line-up come together?

  AW – Our current line up started in a previous band The Comanche Cipher with Fabian, Max, Adam, this is more of a tech metal band. The Comanche Cipher lost their drummer due to injury with Fabian, Max and Adam took this as opportunity to play more of a driven hardcore sound and recruited their drummer Nick and set about writing our debut EP ‘This Polar Noise‘. In the last 12 months our old bass players situation changed so that he could no longer commit to the band full time this is then where we recruited our final member Rick to complete the line up.

LMM – How would you describe your sound?

  AW – I would say we have a very heavy, driven, melodic sound with a pop structure. We feel that this works massively in favour as there isn’t many bands producing the sound we have worked very hard to create.

LMM – Any POLAR traditions that have come out of your time on the road?

  AW – We have a great saying that mostly is put along side drinking shots of Jager which goes something like “MAKE MONEY MONEY MAKE MONEY MONEY.” We usually get as many people involved as we can – and get everybody shouting it at the top of their lungs so everybody looks and it gets us pumped up.

LMM – Any plans to tour beyond Europe?

  AW – We would love to take our very energetic live show internationally, and we have intention of doing so but no solid plans as yet. It is something that is in the pipeline for sure.

LMM – Can you tell us more about the EP you are planning on releasing?

  AW – Our EP is 5 tracks long and we recorded it back in February while we were on tour, we would spend the day in the studio and then drive to a show. This process took 2 weeks to complete and it was very tiring experience, but with our friend Guy Davies producing the record we feel we have produced the perfect representation for our first release and were really happy with the final product and can’t wait to get it out the masses.

LMM – Anything you would like to say to your growing fan base in Brisbane and the rest of Australia?

  AW – On behalf of all of Polar we would to say a massive thank you everybody in Brisbane/Australia who has listened to us and continued to support us. This something that means the world us to have such dedicated fans internationally and we can’t wait to come over and reward everybody who is behind us.

Interview: Kenada Quinlan

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Genre: Hardcore
From: Guilford, Surrey UK
Label: A Wolf At Your Door

Band Members:
Adam Woodford – Lead Vocals
Fabian Lomas – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Max O’Neill – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Rick Keanan – Bass
Nick Jones – Drums

For fans of: Have Heart, The Bronx, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Break Even