Bastardfest @ The Globe Theatre, Brisbane – 28 August 2010 – Live Review

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Blood Duster

[Photo: Stuart blythe]
  Review: Hannah Collins

Bringing together some of Australia’s most notable and long standing metal acts; Astriaal , Pod People and Blood Duster ; The Globe Theatre opened their doors on Bastardfest last Saturday to let the shred ignite the stage and appease those curious enough to have been lined in entry.

Punters of all shapes and sizes graced the venue and packed the bar, but although The Globe seemed full up, it was more of an illusion caused by the tinned sardines hovering in the foyer when in reality we were quite short of a sell out. Numbers may be have been lacking but it contributed only, to make the experience more personal.

Canberra based Pod People reminded us why they’ve been an underground name for so long, Blood Duster did their best to be, as usual, one of the most ungraciously ruckus bands in the country, and Astrial took off to new heights after having eluded the Australian touring circuit for the last few years. Metal heads were united in mosh and punches thrown in chaotic excitement. A small issue with excessive feedback at the start of Blood Duster’s set, was the only negative point of note during the eves anarchy. Metal heads were banging, full of dreds and thoughts of the after party. For a metal fan that loves their local music, and with no rival gigs to detract from Bastardfests patronage, The Globe presented us with another night of thundering musical appeal.

Venue: The Globe Theatre, Brisbane
Date: 28 August 2010
Artists: Astriaal, Pod People, Blood Duster