Violent Soho Photographic Exhibition

  OPENING NIGHT- 18+ FRIDAY 16 JULY. 5PM- LATE. Also open for viewing Monday/Tuesday 19th and 20th 7am- 5pm (ALL AGES)

Bleeding Heart Gallery is pleased to announce that it will be playing host to “In a Van: Violent Soho,” an exhibition by Brisbane-based photojournalist, Brad Marsellos.

Violent Soho, a four-piece rock band, hail from the Brisbane suburb of Mansfield and have been touring the U.S over the past 12 months after catching the eye of Ecstatic Peace! label founder and frontman of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore. However, on the Australia Day long weekend in 2008, the four members of Violent Soho piled in a van to tackle the 4000km plus return journey down the east coast of Australia, to play a handful of shows, to a handful of people. Brad Marsellos tagged along for the five-night road trip to document the interstate pilgrimage that musicians have been making for decades.

In a Van: Violent Soho covers the grimy side of touring- black and white images depict the band sleeping on floors, eating junk food and pissing in bottles en route, while the band’s live performances are captured in full colour, contrasting the tedium of endless hours spent cramped, driving in a van, with the brief, euphoric joy of playing a rock and roll show.

The exhibition, which coincides with Violent Soho’s brief return to Australia, follows the band through Woollongong, Warrnambol, Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney, taking in visits to friends and colleagues such as the late Dean Turner of Magic Dirt, the band’s former manager and a recording session in Sydney with Owen Penglis of Juvenile Records.

The exhibition will contain 30 limited edition prints of the band and also a numbered, limited edition A1 size poster containing the 300 photographs from the entire journey, arranged in an artful design tribute to the “rock posters” that Marsellos collected as a teenager.