UnderExposed: An Exhibition by Brisbane Music Photographers: 17 April – 4 May 2009

Brought to you by Josh Levi Galleries, THE FORT arts hub & Keytone

… featuring local music photographers Dane Beesley, Stephen Booth, Justin Edwards, Kylie Keene, Aaron Sammut, Elleni Toumpas, James Adams, Kristen Ashton, Joshua Collings, Josh Woning, Charlyn Cameron, Chris James, Stuart Blythe and more.

UnderExposed is an exhibition featuring some of the best – established and emerging – music photographers in Brisbane. Bringing together those select shooters who have captured the visual side of Brisbane’s aural history – be it with emerging local bands, or international ones – UnderExposed aims to showcase that fleeting moment in time where a subject, ordinarily so intense and public, is caught in a period of stillness and reflection: the essence of the show, the artist, encapsulated in that one shot.

UnderExposed gives you an insight into an art form so often lost in the moment.

UnderExposed will also bring you live gigs six nights during a three week exhibition PLUS we will be hosting a music photographers forum and workshop for all budding music photographers.


When: 17 April – 4 May 2009
Where: The Fort – corner of Brunswick street and Water Street

Keep checking back for more details.

For full details, visit:
UnderExposed Facebook Group
Josh Levi Galleries, THE FORT arts hub & Keytone