Take Five with Wolverine – Interview

Life Music Media (LMM) caught up with Wolverine (W).

  LMM: Tell us a little about Wolverine:

  W – Scott Kent, also known as rapper Wolverine, adopted the persona of the famous Marvel comic creation, full of rage and the unbreakable metal adamantium, long before Hugh Jackman brought the character to movie screens. And while Jackman honed his craft at the prestigious
  Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Kent also spent years honing his in Perth, except he did it in cyphers, studios and live shows around the city. With his three solo albums,two mixtapes and incredible production output,players nationwide need adamantium speakers.

He has also performed at some of Australia’s premier live venues, and his intense live show has seen him share the stage with acts including Blackalicious, Method Man, Redman, Gza, Muggs, Foreign Legion, Brad Strut, Art of War, Downsyde, Hospice Crew, Bias B, The Funkoars and SBX.

It’s been a long road,But Wolverine is about to be unleashed into the national spotlight.

LMM: You album “Summertime Vibe” was released recently, tell us about your process of song writing?

  W – As far as writing goes,i write in a free flowing way almost the same as freestyling,what ever pops into my head when i’m listening to a beat is what goes down,i rarely edit my lyrics,i tend to do it when recording too its normally first or second takes are the one’s on the record,it’s like jazz improvisation,if i make a mistake i dont like to edit it too much,i feel it gives a more human touch to the recording,its not all polished.

LMM: Where do your draw your inspiration from?

  W – I draw inspiration from everywhere,day to day life,music,movies,books,everything.

LMM: How would you describe your sound?

  W – in the past its been raw underground street rap,with this one i wanted it to be more uptempo and funkier,i’m a musician and a music lover so i don’t want to be pigeon holed into one style of music,i want to be free to explore all types of styles.

LMM: Anything you would like to say to your growing fan base?

  W – Thank you for all the support it really means alot to me,and keep a look out for all the new material coming soon.

Quick Qs:
:: What track changed your life ::
Public Enemy – Fight the Power ,NWA – Straight Outta Compton & Nirvana – Lithium
:: What is your favourite Album ::
ahh so many to name,of all time probably The Doors or the Nirvana box set.
:: Favourite Quote ::
Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
—Oscar Wilde haha love it.

:: When on tour, you can’t live without ::
music and a toothbrush

:: Worst thing to happen to music is ::
I think the worst and best thing to happen in music is the internet,its great for reaching a wider audience quickly,unsigned artists and independant artists can compete with major one’s and be discovered. Brilliant for marketing and promotions, but the downside is the flood of artists and products, the deludge of promoting to the exstent of annoyance (which i like most,have done myself) and the fact that anyone can record and upload their music from home (which is a good and bad thing), before the internet you really had to work hard to be seen and heard which made bands greater at their craft.

:: Biggest influence ::
Cobain,Lennon & Ice Cube
:: Childhood hero ::
Michael Jordan,Kurt Cobain
:: When you were younger you wanted to be ::
An nba player.

:: Last album bought ::
Vinnie Paz – Season of the Assassin
:: First album you ever bought ::
Top Gun Soundtrack
:: First concert you went to ::
:: Last concert you went to ::
Nine Inch Nails
:: Favourite current band ::
Heavy Metal Kings(Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill)

:: The best boredom buster is ::
Listening to music, lifts up your spirits and time seems to fly.
:: The best film you ever saw was ::
My three favs all time are Seven,Fight Club & Chopper
:: Your ultimate snack is ::
Any type of Spaghetti(I could eat it every day)
:: The first thing you do when you wake up is ::
Is sleep for another 10 minutes haha,but usually turn the news on(abc24) and see whats happening around the world.

:: Best piece of advice you’ve received ::
Never give up(from my dad)
:: Your biggest aspirations ::
To pursue my music full time and make a comfortable living
:: Best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received ::
best gift – trip to america with my whole family(going to LA and disneyland),worst gift – socks(sorry grandma)

“Summertime Vibe” is available at iTunes…
Summertime Vibe - WolverineSummertime Vibe – Wolverine

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