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Soilwork “The Panic Broadcast” – LP Review

Review: Lana Harris

  Helsingborg? Where the Helsingborg is that? Turns out this Swedish town is the fertile ground where Soilwork first plied their craft. Soilwork (both the name and the band’s philosophy) represents commitment and determination. Building from the roots of things and seeing them through to fruition via a lot of hard work. More of a biologically based metaphor than the grave digging that initially came to mind when the name ‘Soilwork’ is heard in connection with the words ‘death metal’.

The Panic Broadcast represents Soilwork’s eighth album and is a lesson to others in how to keep the momentum up after several releases. The energy presented could have it confused with an early career offering but the song structure and quality belies the truth: this is a band with extensive

experience in song craft, especially from singer and founding member Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid.
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Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid of SOILWORK chats with Ben Hosking from LifeMusicMedia.com – Interview

Interview: Ben Hosking

Formed amongst the heady days of the Gothenburg death metal scene in Sweden in 1995, Soilwork quickly became known as one of the most original and progressive bands in the genre. Their prolific work ethic has seen them release eight studio albums and tour the world relentlessly over the last 15 years. Their new album, ‘The Panic Broadcast’ continues to develop on their progressive talents by including elements of funk, pop rock and symphonic genres; yet the music never fails to pummel with sonic brutality.

Ben Hosking talks with Soilwork founder member and singer Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid about their new album, influences, the 1990s Gothenburg scene, working with Devin Townsend, Bjorn’s 1970s rock side project ‘Night Flight Orchestra’ and much more.
Listen to the interview here:
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Soilwork – Australian Tour October 2010

“Soilwork are one of the 25 most important bands in Metal” – Alternative Press Magazine

TheThe Panic Broadcast (Exclusive Bonus Version) – Soilwork
  Sweden’s melodic death metal masters Soilwork will be ripping up Aussie shores for only the third time in October this year. Touring on the back of the release of their eighth studio album, The Panic Broadcast, which drummer Dirk Verbeuren has described as “the true musical path of Soilwork”, the band will be bringing their killer live shows that The Metal Observer have dubbed “Metal with the fun factor in the driving seat”.

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