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CD Review: Gemma Ray – Island Fire

Review by Sibel Kutlucan
Gemma Ray sparks a flame in the hearts of everyone with her brand new album Island Fire (Shock Records). With her recent visit to Australia to play Peats Ridge Festival, the alluring pop-noir songstress has intrigued audiences and built up her Australian fan base, whom won’t be able to stop listening to the infectious melodies of Island Fire!

It is easy to understand why Gemma Ray has become one of the UK’s most independent and critically acclaimed female musicians with a listen to her unique sound that resonates throughout Island Fire. Ray effortlessly creates beautiful tunes with her vintage pop vocals and her fantastic song writing. This fantastic harmony of a sweet pop sound, with the hint of yester-year in the melody on “Put your brain in gear” is a clear indication of Gemma Ray’s presence as a fantastic musician, and definitely is a highlight of the album for me.
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