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Fiend Fest 2014 expands – Perth date announced!

FLAFiend Fest, Australia’s only crowd funded and crowd led festival of gothic, industrial and alternative music, culture and fashion now expands with a Perth date just announced! Featuring three of the biggest international names in the worlds of industrial, electronic and darkwave; Front Line Assembly, Leaether Strip and Clan of Xymox – along with a stellar cast of locals including Snog , Cold Divide, Shiv-R, The Dark Shadows, Noveaux, Viral Milennium, Novakill, Keller Kinder and many more to be announced! – Fiendfest crosses the country Anzac weekend with shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Tickets are now on sale!
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Delerium – “Remixed: The Definitive Collection” [CD Review]

Review: Ben Hosking

  It has always been equally intriguing and amusing to this reviewer that a pair of individuals as intense and creative as Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb should be most widely known for a dance/pop project. However, this is exactly the case for the Canadian pair long known in metal and industrial circles for their work with projects like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Rhys’ regular contributions to groups such as Fear Factory.

Despite – or perhaps because of – this, Delerium has always been an infinitely listenable experience that has pushed the boundaries of the genre; often

encompassing a wonderful darkness. Hopefully they’ve helped regular fans of mindless commercial dance to open their minds to something more creative, layered and ultimately – respectable. Continue reading Delerium – “Remixed: The Definitive Collection” [CD Review]