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Confession enter studio for new album – April 2011

  Melbourne’s Confession is currently in Gothenburg, Sweden tracking their new full-length, the follow up to 2009’s Cancer. The latest record will be produced by Fredrik Nordström whose production credits include Bring Me The Horizon, I Killed The Prom Queen and In Flames.

Frontman Michael Crafter commented “We spent time in Byron Bay at the Parkway house writing this record. Hopefully some of the magic the house has brought forward in the past shines through on these new songs. The new album is something we are proud of and touches on a lot of things in and around the lives we live. We decided to head to Sweden due to the fact European’s know metal and we feel Frederik will make this CD sound massive and he will bring a lot to the table as far as production and ideas go”

Expect the new album out in the coming months.