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Two girls, two synths, six songs. colourspacecolour have produced a debut release of quality featuring a soundtrack of sublime electronic pop with grabs from the 80s wrapped up in the sounds of now. Produced by Andy Mak (Boy & Bear, Bertie Blackman), colourspacecolour are a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene with upfront beats, soaring melodies and
heavenly vocals.
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Earth Rot (WA) announce ‘Follow The Black Smoke’ EP Launches | August & September 2014


Perth filth merchants Earth Rot are due to release their first full length album “Follow The Black Smoke” next month following their debut EP released earlier this year.
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Glass Skies release their self-titled debut EP

Glass Skies
After national radio success and an abundance of love from critics Australia-wide with singles ‘Highway’ and most recently ‘Lemonade’, Glass Skies are finally ready to release their self-titled debut EP.

Taking their cue from the likes of Beck, Canned Heat and Eagles of Death Metal, Glass Skies began as a duo of meticulous songcrafters in early 2013, and soon took their widescreen roadtripping sounds to the livestage. Their tumultuous live show has seen them share the stage with the likes of Pond, Regular John and Deep Sea Arcade.
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LUNATICS ON POGOSTICKS Announce New EP + Tour Dates – September 2014

Teen rapscallions Lunatics On Pogosticks announce the release of a new EP, ‘Slug Cat and Snail Dog’ via themusicconnection label / MGM on Friday 11th July 2014. In support of the release, the grunge trio will head out on a tour of the East Coast this September.

After two years, two EP’s, a smattering of singles and a handful of house parties the band took out the 2013 Unearthed High Competition with their stomping single ‘Picasso’s Saddest Love’, hand picked by Triple j (over 900 other Aussie mites).
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Interview | We chat with CASEY BARNES about his new EP ‘Flesh and Bone’

by Stuart Blythe
2S5B1593Singer-songwriter Casey Barnes is set to release his highly anticipated EP ‘Flesh and Bone’ on June 13th. With his current single from the EP moving steadily up the CMC country charts and at #14 on All Australian Top 20 radio countdown, we had a quick chat with Casey about the release.

Your new EP ‘Flesh and Bone’ is due for release in June (2014). How was the recording process and working with producer Rick Price and Grammy Award winner Jason Lehning?
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I Know Leopard Announce New Single + Debut EP

I Know LeopardI Know Leopard have had us waiting with baited breath for their debut EP, Illumina which is officially set to be released 16th May.

With all the right pop sensibilities for success, the fivesome release their third single off the EP, Daisy Eyes which lures the listener into a blissed-out wonderland of swirling hooks, impossibly catchy drum lines and psychedelic harmonies. Daisy Eyes is a contagious coupling between the sunny dream-pop influences of the 50’s and 60’s with a shimmering contemporary perspective. The nostalgic undertones balance out this upbeat offering, leaving the listener with a complex tune that will resonate with the inner romantic.
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The Phoncurves announce ‘Heartstrings’ EP + Tour

PhoncurvesFollowing on from the success of their debut single ‘Heartstrings’ and new single ‘Lover’, Brisbane two-piece The Phoncurves are proud to announce the reveal of their new Heartstrings EP, due for release on May 2. The harmonising duo will celebrate with a national headline tour of Australia through May and June.

Both instrumentally unique and soulful singles are happily whirling around the country on triple j and community radio, receiving outstanding praise. This success, along with their recent support slot with Caitlin Park and their position as triple j Unearthed Feature Artist, is further heightening the anticipation for the forthcoming EP. Written, produced and engineered by the ladies themselves, the EP holds true to its words; pulling at the heartstrings with every multi-layered track. It’s the inclusion of powerfully stirring, and emotionally performed tracks like ‘Motionless’ that make the four track Heartstrings EP a captivating listen from start to finish.
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BENJALU ‘Shadows In The Sun’ Tour – April/May 2011 [Tour News]

Budding roots rock outfit BENJALU win over fans with a new approach on their new ‘Shadows in the Sun’ EP and tour.

  Four musician mates from Newcastle, collectively known as BENJALU, will release their third EP ‘Shadows In The Sun’ on April 15 via MGM’s Green label, and this week they’ll set off on another lengthy tour returning to fans in venues across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT.

With new media changing the way musicians approach releasing their music, speculation has been growing about the status of the long player release and BENJALU believe offering music lovers a slice of solid new sounds on a regular basis is the best approach. As a young independent self funded band, by releasing EP’s it allows them to tour more often and share their music with their fans more regularly which in turn helps them build a solid fan base.

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JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys – “Fidelity” CD Review

Review: Victoria Nugent

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  Fidelity is a very interesting and enjoyable collaboration between Chrissie Hyde of The Pretenders’ fame, and Welsh musician JP Jones. The first song on the album, “Perfect Lover” sums up the musical history of the group, with Hyde singing, “I found my perfect lover, but he’s only half my age.” To elaborate a bit further, Hyde and Jones had a brief relationship which fizzled because of the age difference. Rather than let their chemistry go to waste however, the pair formed a band, setting the story of their relationship to music. A theme of fairs and fairgrounds permeates the album, from the cover art to the conclusion of the word Fairground in several song titles.

“If You Let Me In” is straight forward rocky with hooky, repetitive lyrics and lots of vocal harmonising. “Fairground Luck” has an infectious melody that’s occasionally reminiscent of “Lean On Me” during the verses with strong riffs and Jones’ charismatic vocals carrying the choruses.
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Transvaal Diamond Syndicate – Diamonds and Dust

  A Black Muscle car careens down a desert highway. Mountains, Rattlesnakes and cacti are a blur as a man swigs a bottle of whisky and accelerates. A scantily‐clad woman shifts in the passenger seat and runs her hand down the man’s chest as he grips the wheel. The sun goes down and the night creeps in ‐ they are one mile closer to Home…

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Bad Religion – “The Dissent of Man” – LP Review

Review: Lana Harris

Bad Religion
  It’s too easy to gloss over the name Bad Religion, tossing it quickly into the punk rock basket without thinking about semantics. Maybe it’s because the band has been around since forever (well, 1979) their name synonymous with punk and early influences and just ‘there’. But Bad Religion’s latest offering, The Dissent of Man, has a hard-to-miss lyrical focus on biblical styled topics across several of the tracks.

There are references to judgement day, evil, famine and plague (‘Only Rain’), Jesus and his impartial workings (‘Won’t Somebody’) and angels, devils and hallelujah (‘The Devil in Stiches’). These Christian references are the band’s way of exploring concepts

of freedom or the lack thereof, religion being a convenient metaphor when describing struggles around emancipation. Apart from the religion-as-oppressor imagery, the band’s lyrics have plenty of references to truth, lies and other social conventions which no decent punk rock act’s repertoire should be without.

The first few tracks on The Dissent of Man are stock Bad Religion songs, punk and energetic and immediately displaying the quality and technical skills that have seen the band last as long as they have. Opener ‘The Day that the Earth Stalled’ powers relentlessly along before bursting into a strong finish. ‘Only Rain’ moves fast with a strong chorus hook and ‘The Resist Stance’ lets loose in a blast of epic riffage. It is easily the catchiest song on the album. The tempo then drops a couple of notches with ‘Won’t Somebody’ and ‘The Devil in Stitches’ (first single). These tracks are quite melodic, a bit slower and more on the rock side of punk rock. ‘Pride and the Pallor’ introduces another wave of fast moving guitars that lasts for five powerful and compact songs before the speed is arrested with ‘Cyanide’. ‘Cyanide’ is melodic, a poppy anomaly only lightly tinged with rock and with a chorus line of ‘missing you is like kissing…’ inciting a bout of heavy cringing until the final word ‘cyanide’, which saves the line.

A lighter pace and sound continues for the rest of the album. ‘Where the Fun Is’ is the album’s nadir, disappointingly lacklustre considering its title. All the later tracks seem to be experiments in expanding what is traditionally considered the Bad Religion sound. This was an unexpected turn, but the songs do demonstrate the strength of Bad Religion as a band. All tracks on The Dissent of Man, regardless of style, are well executed. The only faults that can be placed on the songs are in regards to the personal preferences as a listener and expectations of Bad Religion as a band, and nothing to do with playing or song crafting abilities. The Dissent of Man has some new elements and some old, but all of the tracks demonstrate Bad Religion is a band who knows how to play.

The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) - Bad ReligionThe Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) – Bad Religion

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Infected from Bad Religion on Vimeo.

Interpol “Interpol” – Album Review

Review: Kenada Quinlan

Interpol - InterpolInterpol – Interpol
  Established in 1997 and with only 4 albums under their belt to date, Interpol have decided to go it alone for the self-released and self-titled 2010 offering. Kick starting with ‘Success’, the New York based quartet delightfully introduce their brand of Indie that over the years has refused to shift in any fashionable sense.

The next step of ‘Memory Serves’ is an atmospheric, thumping masterpiece that captures loneliness and loss with beauty and an infectious groove. The vocal line “You don’t have say that you’d love to – but baby please that you want to – some day…” resonating far passed the song’s inception.

The off-kilter latter beats of this composition making way for ‘Summer Well’ – a more spritely drum and piano medley. Breaking into an uplifting yet damning verse of harmonies, vocalist Paul Banks inviting drones raise precisely on time for a hop, skip and jump to graceful emotional ruin.
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Rocketsmiths “The Bones” – Album Review

Review: Victoria Nugent

  The Bones by Brisbane band The Rocketsmiths is relentlessly, unashamedly rock with edgy guitars, and taut vocals by the bucket load. These guys have been described as vaudevillian rock, and there’s a definite hint at the weird and wacky in their songs.

The first track of the album is Monster Part 1, which features some dark riffs, a catchy beat, wailing vocals, and great dynamics, switching from loud to soft throughout the song.

This song is followed up with a later track on the album called “Monster Parts 2 &3”, and starts off with eerie organ, echoing vocals and a tempo that steadily gets faster, before breaking into edgy riffs and screaming vocals.
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