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Live Review: Hoodoo Gurus, The Break, The Gun Street Girls @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 29 April 2010

By Denis Semchenko

Hoodoo Gurus
[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
  Tonight’s triple bill at West End’s Hi-Fi is more Aussie than Paul Hogan’s thongs, Merv Hughes’ handlebar or Rolf Harris’s wobbleboard – and all the more fun for it. Specialising in no-bullshit, classic pub rock, Gun Street Girls provide an invigorating start to the evening as the predominantly middle-aged, ’80s-weathered punters fill the venue. The erstwhile Dallas Crane dynamo, frontman Dave Larkin hammers a very cool Gretsch White Falcon and belts it out like one of the best screamers in Oz-rock that he is. Barnstormers How I Roll, Right Under The Wind and powerpop-tinged Party In Hell get the heads nodding and feet stomping; I consider myself nicely warmed up for the next sonic wave…

…which duly hits as The Break – an instrumental rock combo comprising three former Midnight Oil members and Violent Femmes’ bassist – open with a crunchy Ventures cover.

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Photo Gallery: Hoodoo Gurus w/ The Break + The Gun Street Girls @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 29 April 2010

Photographer: Charles Williams
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Hoodoo GurusHoodoo Gurus
The Break

[Photo: Charles Williams]

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Hoodoo Gurus w/ The Break + The Gun Street Girls @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane 29 April 2010

Hoodoo GurusBuy: Click here for HOODOO GURUS from iTunes

The BreakBuy: Click here for THE BREAK from iTunes

Gun Street GirlsBuy: Click here for GUN STREET GIRLS from iTunes
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VIOLENT SOHO album release + homecoming tour dates

Brisbane-reared, Brooklyn-based noise merchants Violent Soho have announced long awaited homecoming dates to celebrate the release of their self titled new album.

Violent Soho’s self titled album is being released worldwide in 2010 via Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label and is without doubt one of the most powerful rock albums you will hear this year. Lead single ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ is already causing major waves on radio stations across the globe, and currently sits in the Billboard Top 40 rock songs chart and the Canadian Top 20 airplay chart. Continue reading

Theatre Review: Waiting for Godot – Theatre Performance, 29th April 2010

Review: Lana Harris

Waiting for Godot   A play about nothing? It sounds like a Seinfeld spin off, but Waiting for Godot was actually written almost sixty years ago. At the time, entertainment which focused on absolutely nothing was a revolutionary idea: post millennium we’ve been exposed to more than our fair share of popular media centred on not much more than ordinary people talking amongst themselves. But as tonight’s performance shows, nothing can still be a captivating, entertaining concept. Hosted by the Queensland Theatre Company in their Bille Brown Studio in West End, Waiting for Godot is delivered to a room packed with an appreciative audience.

Waiting for Godot opens with a man sitting on a log, trying to remove his shoe and blathering nonsense syllables as he does so, while the other stands with his back turned,

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Drawn from Bees International Showcases – USA, Hong Kong & UK

Drawn From Bees   Brisbane’s hardest-working purveyors of melodic rock Drawn from Bees are this week packing their finest cufflinks and vintage suits in preparation for their debut international appearances – first stop USA, followed by Hong Kong and UK.

Drawn from Bees were handpicked to represent Queensland in the international music stakes, kicking off the expedition for new audiences at West Hollywood’s Whiskey A Go Go this Sunday April 25 as part of Musexpo LA. Following up with further showcase invitations at Music Matters Hong Kong and Musexpo London, 2010 is set to be the international year for the quartet who have already picked up airplay across various stations in the USA.

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Hungry Kids of Hungary – International Dates and Brand New Song Giveaway

Hungry Kids Of Hungary   Hailing from Australia, Brisbane’s Hungry Kids of Hungary have certainly left their indie-pop stamp all over the country in the last 12 months and now are packing their knapsacks and debuting their acclaimed live show on international soil – first stop USA, followed by the UK. Continue reading

Henry Rollins Frequent Flyer Tour – Brisbane Powerhouse, 20th April 2010 : Live Review

Review: Lana Harris

Henry Rollins   Henry Rollins, ex front man of punk rock bands Black Flag and Rollins Band, is a charismatic man. He has the presence and easy manner that comes from half a lifetime on stage but this is tempered by the time spent on his more austere pursuits of observation, self imposed isolation and a hell of a lot of reading. Tonight he’s solo on stage, sharing the contents of his mind in the Brisbane Powerhouse for the first of three Brisbane shows – two added to the bill due to popular demand, despite the fact that Rollins has travelled to Australia no less than 27 times in the last 20 years.

Rollins works, moves, looks like a boxer. Short staccato sentences are tapped out relentlessly, full stops after every syllable working the ear drums of the audience. This is utilitarian prose: make the audience think, laugh, empathise; uplift and unsettle them. Do not waste a single letter. The rags mimic the approach– close cropped hair, plain black fitted t-shirt (that reveals he’s still in great shape), drill pants and sneakers – a perfectly functional outfit. There are no breaks – not for Rollins, not for us. One hundred and sixty five minutes of verbal onslaught.
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Interview with Jeff Martin (The Tea Party/The Armada)

By: Ben Hosking
Jeff Martin[Click here to listen to the audio version of this interview]

Jeff Martin (JM) spent 15 years fronting iconic Canadian rock group The Tea Party before leaving the country to escape the band’s ‘acrimonious’ split. While holed up in Ireland he embarked upon a successful solo career and met percussionist Wayne Sheehy – a chance meeting that later spawned The Armada, with multi-instrumentalist Jay Cortez.

Now an Australian resident, Jeff embarks upon a fresh tour of Australia in May, where he plans to road test some of his new material that will be recorded later this year. Ben Hosking from Lifemusicmedia.com (LMM) caught up with the enigmatic musical gypsy to chat about his upcoming live Armada CD/DVD set, the tour, potential Tea Party reunions and his friendship with Jimmy Page.
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Live Review: Northern Brisbane Rollers Derby League – Season Two Bout One

Review: Pepa Wolfe

Roller Derby   Northern Brisbane Rollers Derby League – Season Two Bout One
Love Rockettes vs. Diner Might Dolls
Saturday 17th April 2010 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

It’s official. Roller Derby fever has hit Brisbane. And with the way these girls tear up the track, is it any wonder that the sport/sub-culture is attracting new fans all the time?

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Live Review: Paul Dempsey, Dan Kelly & His Dream Band and Papa Vs Pretty @ The Metro Theatre, 17 April 2010

By Natalie Salvo
Paul DempseyGeorge Street had a long line of Paul Dempsey/Something For Kate fans waiting outside the Metro and eagerly anticipating what is a farewell show (for now) by our favourite enigmatic front man turned solo artist before he embarks on dates in Europe and America. This group were treated for their punctual efforts in the first support act, Papa Vs Pretty.

The trio played frantic guitar rock peppered with interesting harmonies and elements inspired by some of the best bits taken from sixties and seventies pop. Guitarist, Thomas Rawle entertained the pop devotees with his cheery red axe and excellent lead guitar work. The group are still quite young but scream potential as they have all the markings of a silverchair about them. Mark my words – give them a year or two.
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Live Review: Behemoth, Job for a Cowboy, Goatwhore, Amenta @ The Metro Theatre – Friday 16 April 2010

Review: Ben Hosking
behemothThere can be no disputing that Behemoth’s latest tour has been one of the most anticipated events on the 2010 Australian metal calendar. Tonight’s full house should be evidence enough.

Outside, fans form a haphazard monochrome line up the adjacent alleyway as they wait patiently to get in. Some take swigs from take away beers, some inhale their last cigarette before entering the smoke-free zone and most talk excitedly amongst themselves about what they’re about to witness.
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