DarrenDARREN MIDDLETON, currently on tour in support of his latest album “Translations”, takes time out for Life Music Media…

:: What track changed your life ::
TNT-ACDC….blew my mind
:: What is your favourite Album ::
Hmm..Ok Computer is pretty flawless

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Jac Stone or Skipping Girl Vinegar

:: Favourite Quote ::
Carpe Diem (Written in around 28BC….that is amazing…that we still quote it today!)

:: When on tour, you can’t live without ::

:: When you think of Australia, you think ::
Its got everything

:: Worst thing to happen to music is ::
The closing of some of our beautiful venues

:: Best thing about the current music industry ::
The deep pool of talent and the need to raise your own level.

:: Biggest influence ::
Musically – Neil Finn….or The Beatles….or…

:: Childhood hero ::
Captain Caveman

:: When you were younger you wanted to be ::
An Airforce Pilot, but was told I was colourblind…

:: Last album bought ::

:: First album you ever bought ::
1982 with a bullet

:: First concert you went to ::
The Lime Spiders

:: Last concert you went to ::
Glen Hansard

:: Favourite current band ::
Glen Hansard and the Frames

:: Favourite drink ::

:: Favourite book ::
Raymond E Feist ‘Magician’ Trilogy

:: Favourite actor ::
Edward Norton

:: Favourite website ::
hmmm not sure…

:: The best boredom buster is ::
Playing some sport

:: The best film you ever saw was ::
Well…there’s a lot….but I’ll go with The Matrix for today

:: Your ultimate snack is ::
Grilled Cheese on toast

:: Best piece of advice you’ve received ::
If your going to build something, make it beautiful and build it to last.

:: Your biggest aspirations ::
To hold the above sentiment throughout the rest of my musical life.

:: Best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received ::
I would say my kids…but to take a step back…my first guitar.


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