Kira May – Muscle Memory (Official Video)

“Muscle Memory” is the new single off Kira May‘s upcoming debut LP Sense.

Kira May explains “Muscle Memory explores the ways in which our bodies hold onto our painful histories. This is partially a love song for my body, which continuously strives to protect me and push for my physical and emotional survival, but it is also an exploration of the “letting go” required to move forward. When past traumas are no longer dangerous to us, although well-meaning, our bodies’ attempts to protect us can actually become harmful.

This song looks specifically at the damaging effects of negative interpersonal relationships as a very young person who is still forming. In my case, the response was to retreat so deeply into the safety of my own body that it became difficult to get out.

Director Allison Johnston brought the sentiment of the song to life in the video, in which we see past experiences and vulnerabilities emerge from within the body itself.