Jaguar Jonze returns with new song, ‘Deadalive’

Rising superstar Jaguar Jonze returns with her latest musical offering: DEADALIVE

DEADALIVE, sees Jonze use what has become classically hers – slinky guitar work and dark introspective vocals soaring over the top of the instrumentation. The last few months of introspection and growth have seen the artist mature in her sound with drum machines, synths, and accessible themes shaping the new sound.

“This song was actually written in our New York apartment when we were stuck during the COVID-19 pandemic amidst our first US tour. We figured we’d take the time to write so I guess I was kind of reflecting on the situation the world was facing. It was like we were neither dead or alive, we were very much alive and breathing, but having to stay within four walls, not go out, have what we were used to taken from us and having restrictions in place of them. I finished it off while I was under hospital care with the actual disease and so the drama in the lyrics intensified as I battled with isolation anxiety of being away from home and stuck in a room with no window for 7 weeks, career anxiety with the industry being shut down and my income reduced dramatically, fear of wondering if I was ever going to get my voice and breath back and when I was ever going to recover. Then coming out of that with my health and stamina completely taken away from me and spending the next 3 months rebuilding all the muscle I lost lying down for 2 months and battling constant fatigue.” Jaguar Jonze

DEADALIVE is accompanied by a perfectly fitting video that once again sees Jaguar Jonze’s skills in art and design shaping her musical story.

Jaguar Jonze – DEADALIVE (Official Music Video)
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Jaguar Jonze


 Release Date: September 25, 2020

Label: Nettwerk Music Group