Interview | Miles Hunt – The Wonder Stuff

Interview by Stuart Blythe
TWSThe Wonder Stuff are heading to Australia for a headline tour performing their classic album “Never Loved Elvis” in it’s entirety!

Life Music Media catch up with The Wonder Stuff’s Miles Hunt for a chat.

LMM: Great to hear that your heading to Australian in 2014 for a string of headline shows. You’ll be performing your album “Never Loved Elvis” in its entirety. How did this tour come about?

   Miles: It’s what we do, we travel and play music to anyone that cares to hear it.

LMM: Will you be playing newer material?

   Miles: Indeed we will. We’ll play ‘Never Loved Elvis’ in it’s entirety then move on to some other older faves as well as some newer songs from our recent ‘Oh No it’s… The Wonder Stuff’ album that we released last year.

LMM: For the uninitiated, what can punters expect from The Wonder Stuff live show?

   Miles: It’s a five piece rock’n’roll band with some exquisite violin added for good measure, courtesy of Erica Nockalls.

LMM: Your last visit to Australia was in 2011 with Jesus Jones. Do you have any special memories from that tour?

   Miles: We had a great time on that run of dates, great venues, wonderful audiences and all in the fine company of our old friends Jesus Jones.

LMM: How do Australian audiences compare to your regular audiences from around the world?

   Miles: We’re lucky, wherever we play in the world we are met by friendly faces, people that are up for a good time. Australian audiences are no different to anywhere else.

LMM: We understand you’re writing a book. Can you tell us more about it?

   Miles: I kept hand written diaries from the beginning of the band, 1986. I have transcribed them all and added anecdotes relating to our activities of the time. The first book is almost finished, it covers the years ’86 to the end of ’89. We’re planning to publish in October, by which time I hope I will have finished the second book, 1990 – 1994.

LMM: What would be the biggest obstacle as an artist in the music industry today?

   Miles: I have no idea, I would imagine record sales being as piss poor as they are today that it is difficult to fund a band. On the up side, it is easier to promote a new band through social media, although that has meant that there is a lot more traffic out there, certainly more than when than when we started.

LMM: If you were starting out as a young musician today, what advise would you give your younger self?

   Miles: Honestly, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do what I have done. Pop and rock music has lost it’s relevance in modern times, today’s youth culture doesn’t need it like we did. As for having a word with my younger self… I would suggest he calm down and try to enjoy the ride a little more than I did.

LMM: Is there anything you’d really like to do whilst you’re in Australia?

   Miles: Play shows and travel safely.

LMM: You’re kicking off your Australian shows on February 27th in Brisbane. Is there anything you would like to say to your Australian fans ahead of the tour?

   Miles: Come one, come all, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

—– Quick Questions —–
:: What track changed your life ::
Slade’s ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’.

:: Biggest influence ::
Too many to mention them all… Bob Dylan, The Clash, The Waterboys and so many more.

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Damien Dempsey.

:: Favourite Quote ::
Woody Allen, “I don’t care about commercial success and the end result is that I rarely achieve it.”

:: Three words to describe the last few years ::
Blessed, blessed and blessed.

:: Three words to describe the year ahead ::
Optimistic, motivated and productive.

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