EVIL EDDIE – Flying Solo [Interview]

By: Bek Grealy

  After blitzing, wooing and sometimes insulting the crowds at the Peats Ridge and Woodford Festivals at the end of 2010 in what was his live solo debut, ex-Butterfingers front man EVIL EDDIE (EE) chats with LIFE MUSIC MEDIA (LMM) before hitting the road again in February and March 2011 for a run of East Coast shows.

LMM – After spending nine years as the front man of Butterfingers how does it feel to fly solo?

  EE – A little daunting but it’s something that i feel had to happen regardless of the consequences. I still don’t know where i’m gonna end up now that i’m out on my own but rather than worry about it i’m just gonna try and enjoy the journey i suppose.

LMM – What was the inspiration and motivator to dive back into the music scene after Butterfingers?

  EE – Well, in the down time i started working at this factory and after about 12 months i kinda thought, ‘Wow, this really sucks, my other job was way better than this. This 9 to 5 thing isn’t all holiday pay and slapping each other on the back at the water cooler at all.’ Turns out everyone hates there day shift but i guess i had to discover that for myself. So now i’m back to boozing, sleeping late and playing a little bit of music on the side.

LMM – You’ve recently played at Peat’s Ridge Festival, Woodford Festival and Flood Bank… How are the shows being received?

  EE – Really well, there seems to be a few hardcore Butterfingers fans out there willing to give my new stuff a listen and from what i can tell they’re happy with what they are hearing. Having Peats Ridge be my first official gig i was a little trepidatious about how i’d go, considering that it was in NSW and my only song is about Queensland but they didn’t seems to care. No one listens to the words anyway do they?

LMM – Your bio states that you’re set to follow in the footsteps of artists such as Prince and Dave Grohl by recording all of the instrumentation entirely yourself, with the exception of drums. Is this correct?

  EE – Yeah, that was the plan, but i’m in the studio now and realizing that i can’t play the violin, the tuba or a harpsichord, so i’m thinking of getting some help. I mean, I’ve seen homeless looking busker types playing the Harpsichord and thought, this guy doesn’t even know how to maintain any kind of personal hygiene but he can play one of those ridiculous things so it can’t be that hard. Turns out it is.

LMM – Can you tell us about the song-writing process?

  EE – Well i like to follow a fairly modern and very Australian school of songwriting in which you go out into a field at dusk, smoke a little weed, drink a little mushy juice, look at the stars, then rip off someone else’s shit. I’m sure i don’t have to tell you but some of our biggest and brightest have had huge successes with this formula.



LMM – What are fans to expect with your new Solo release (tentatively titled “Welcome To Flavour Country”)… How would you describe your sound?

  EE – Well, there’s a few similarities with my older stuff and few new surprises as well. Similar as in, there is still a real live element to the sound with a lot of the songs as opposed to most other hip hop oriented releases, but, surprising as in, this time i’ve got deaf circus midgets to continuously juggle and dance for me throughout the recording process to add to the ‘vibe’. You can feel there presence on the record.

LMM – 2011 could be a big year for you, do you envisage hitting some of the festivals throughout the country?

  EE – Well, i like the idea of playing festivals but not the idea of traveling around so much so i’m thinking of promoting my own festival later in the year, near my house. Basically, i want it to go for a week and each day a chosen state will have it’s festival goers flown in to watch the show and flown home again and each state will take a turn. Same line-up everyday. Like Falls Fest kind of but the punters travel instead of the bands if you know what i mean?

LMM – When can we expect another single to hit the shelves?

  EE – Hopefully before the end of the year, i’ll have another song together, just in time for next years hottest 100. I want every song on my forthcoming album to have placed in the hottest 100 so, i might take ten years but it’ll be like a best of, straight off the bat.

LMM – Did you think you’d make it into the Triple J, hottest 100 for 2010? Coming in at number 86 for your single ‘Queensland’ is a fine effort!

  EE – Yeah, it’s a great start to my extended plan, gives me room to move up. And a little to move down as well without dropping out, if feel i’m getting too much exposure that is. Yeah, perfect placement.

LMM – Anything you would like to say to your growing fan base in Brisbane and the rest of Australia?

  EE – Rise up my people, prepare yourselves for the inevitable end and to ensure a smooth transition into the next world be sure to wear your Evil Eddie T-shirts when we get the call to gas ourselves. Thanx.


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Some upcoming shows are:
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Queensland - Queensland - EPQueensland – Queensland – EP