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Live Review | Robbie Williams ‘Swings Both Ways’ @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre – September 22, 2014

Review by Lauren Sherritt
robbie williams
It’s been six years since Robbie Williams last graced Brisbane’s stages, but the wait was well worth it for fans of the talented pop superstar.

On the back of the 2013 album Swings Both Ways, for the past few months Robbie Williams has been smashing out a world tour of the same name and September has seen Australia’s turn to get in on the swinging action. With shows already played in Perth and Sydney, Brisbane audiences were thrilled to pack out two shows this week at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
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Live Review: METRIC @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – December 11, 2013

Review by Lauren Sherritt for Life Music Media

With sustained global popularity for over a decade, Metric have a wide fan-base to pull from when it comes to filling a show’s audience. Their loyal Brisbane following heard the call for the Wednesday night leg of Metric’s “Synthetica” tour, and a diverse crowd filled The Tivoli on one of those muggy Brisbane nights where even inside the busy venue it was cooler than sweating in the soupy air outside. The warm weather didn’t seem to affect the Canadian quartet, though, as they hit the stage in their trademark cool style.
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Live Review: Sticky Fingers @ The Zoo, Brisbane – April 18th, 2013

By Lauren Sherritt
Sticky Fingers have a lot to offer music lovers interested in hearing something a bit different to your average pop and they demonstrated this in undeniable fashion at the sold out Brisbane show of their national Caress Your Soul tour at The Zoo.

Equal mixes dub reggae and psychedelic pop go into the sound created by Sticky Fingers, the unique blend giving their live show a laid back atmosphere that still moves people to dance. The crowd at The Zoo was on average quite young, Sticky Fingers, or Sti-Fi as the band has nicknamed themselves, appealing with to a generation whose media is saturated with candy-sweet pop queens and synchronised, rosy-cheeked boy bands with their dark, humorous lyrics and a slower, dirtier rhythm.
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Interview with Jess & Shea – Toucan

Interview by Lauren Sherritt
Shortly after their stellar performance at the Gold Coast Big Day Out, Jess & Shea of Sydney two piece Toucan sat down with our Lauren Sherritt (LS) for a quick chat.

Lauren Sherritt: Shea and Jess, you’ve kind of got gender ambiguous names! Do people have to check who is who?

Shea: They do!
Jess: People have to check sometimes.

For readers, Jess is our lovely lady and Shea the handsome gent.

LS: So, how’s Big Day Out going for Toucan so far?

Jess: Really, really good! We’re having the best time, we’ve had good crowds and it’s such an exciting thing to be a part of. Obviously being able to mix with the other musicians is a big part of it for us, just being able to be around and talk to all these other great bands. Also touring with the festival and playing around the country in different cities is a great opportunity.

LS: Is there anyone you have really enjoyed seeing so far?
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Live Review – Big Day Out – Gold Coast 2013

Review by Lauren Sherritt
The Sunday set for the Gold Coast Big Day Out 2013 dawned hot and sunny as around the state thousands packed themselves into cars, shuttle buses and trains and headed to the Parklands.

There were those who arrived early, queuing eagerly at the gates with tickets in hands and starting the party with top-notch openers like the rocketing-towards-stardom Sydney two piece Toucan and the magnificent DJ Helena, who kick-started the burgeoning crowds’ energy.

Then there were those who waited out the sun to arrive later for the big names on the bill, with Grinspoon’s mid-afternoon efforts pulling the first really big crowd of the day. Hard Act to Follow and Thrills, Kills and Sunday Pills had the crowd singing as one and from a distance the moving sea of hands and bodies seemed to swell with excitement under the masterful conducting of the band’s front man Phil Jamieson.
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Live Review: Kate Miller-Heidke @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane with The Beards – 26 August 2012

Review by Lauren Sherritt
There is little more satisfying on a Sunday evening than experiencing some really top-notch live music, and the show put on by Kate Miller-Heidke and The Beards at Brisbane’s Hi-Fi last night did more than fill this need. Theatrical, funny, poignant and breathtaking, the two acts complemented each other perfectly to create an evening of bar-raising, quality music memories.

The Beards, who relatively shot (they are on their third studio album and already held a significant cult following) to fame late last year with song You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man, took to the stage first and blew the audience away. While at first appearance they might almost come off as a parody band, The Beards should not fool anyone with their all-about-the-beard appearance; these guys are seriously talented musicians.
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Live Review: Ball Park Music @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane with Cub Scouts & Yes You | 11 May 2012

Review by Lauren Sherritt
Word about the brilliance of Ball Park Music’s live show has swept the nation over the past year, as evidenced by their 180° tour selling out across many of the twenty shows and achieving no less for the final night in Brisbane.

The Hi-Fi filled quickly as BPM fans arrived to see support acts Cub Scouts and Yes You. Cub Scouts kicked off the evening, toting youthful charm in bucket loads and thrilling the audience with a remarkably well done cover of Destiny’s Child’s Jumpin’, Jumpin’. The dancing started with the band’s well-known track Evie, then the cheerful five-some departed the stage after giving yet more accolades to the upcoming Ball Park Music set.
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Live Review | Roxette @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre – 24th February 2012

Review by Lauren Sherritt
Twenty-three years ago, on the week I was born, Roxette topped the Australian charts with smash hit The Look. Little could I have known then that over two decades on I would be watching the Swedish duo, still full of pop-energy and sing-along-able choruses, playing that very song to a crowd of over ten thousand of their most dedicated Australian fans.

The second Brisbane show of Roxette’s first Australian tour in over sixteen years was kicked off by tour companions 1927. Crowds poured into Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre, saturated by the heavy rain outside, excited to see this first rate band smash out old favourites If I could and That’s When I Think of You. Singer Erik Weideman dedicated the ever moving Compulsory Hero to those serving in the armed forces and it was clear to see that the audience were touched. It was easy to get a sense of Weideman’s excitement to be touring with Roxette, his schoolboy smile and the bounce in his step leaving no sense of playing things rock’n’roll cool, and as he left the stage his energy infected the already super-hyped crowd as they waited for the band to appear.
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BRITNEY SPEARS: THE CABARET @ Brisbane Powerhouse | Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt
A cabaret show written about arguably the world’s most infamous and off the rails pop starlet, Britney Spears The Cabaret does not fail to deliver in any sense. Comic genius is coupled with unsettling and well timed truth-telling, while a masterful cabaret performance makes the show count as top notch entertainment.

Poking fun without being mean spirited, Britney Spears The Cabaret portrays Britney as a kind of manic but sweet-hearted, ditzy yet relatable character, and ultimately wins by ensuring that by the end of it all, the audience is completely head over heels for the leggy blonde.

Christie Whelan plays Britney who, along with her “court appointed pianist” Matty, tells the story of her life in the bright lights through words and song. Whelan’s voice is remarkable; strong, clear and containing just enough of Britney’s signature nasal accent to hark back to the original singer.
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So Frenchy So Chic @ Brisbane Powerhouse – 20 January 2012 | Live Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt
With a long developed reputation of class and French charisma, you could guess that tardy is not high on the list of characteristics organisers of the famed So Frenchy So Chic touring shows would want it to be associated with. Forty-five minutes after the last show of the 2012 tour was supposed to begin, however, Brisbane audiences could have been excused for thinking it while they waited outside the closed doors of the theatre.

After finally inviting us to file in and take our seats the bad news was broken; Asa, one half of the night’s double bill, was very ill and after failing to be able to complete sound check she had regretfully decided to pull out of the show. This left patrons with the choice of leaving, full refund in hand, or staying for an extended set by the show’s other half, French American band Moriarty.

While some did choose to walk and have their seats further toward the front happily filled by audience members who were initially in the back, the majority stayed to greet the well known blues band with cheers and smiles. Lead singer Rosemary Standley introduced the act, emotion evident in her voice as she dedicated their set to sick peer Asa. While it had evidently been a rushed preparation for their now twice as long set, Moriarty joked their way through the mix up in routine as they played a highly entertaining show.

Starting with “She’s Going to War”, the band comprised of a double bass, percussion, bass and electric guitars, the occasional keyboard, brilliantly played harmonicas and strong group vocals, showed off an extraordinary amount of energy for self described “jet lagged and weary travellers”. Standley oozed sensuality as they kicked off the slower song “Cotton Flower”, and the band began to look very comfortable on stage after their unexpectedly early beginning.

It wasn’t only front-woman Rosemary on show throughout the night, Moriarty proved that they are truly a musical ensemble, with each musician showcasing breathtaking talent on their instruments. For the most part, Stephan Zimmerli played the always favourite double bass and also chipped in a joke or jab at any quiet interval. Vincent Talpaert on drums was definitely the conductor of the band, though very much keeping himself inconspicuous off to the side, the rest of the band members looked to him for guidance on everything from the revised set list to keeping the beat. Charles Carmignac wowed the crowd with not only his guitar playing skills but his smooth dance moves and surprise whale noises, while Arthur B. Gillete, who with long sandy hair and a floppy gardener’s hat could easily be mistaken for Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, exuded cheerfulness and an evident love of making music. The highlight of the night was witnessing the talents of Thomas Puéchavy on the harmonica. Wearing a harmonica belt (similar to a tool belt, his held at least eight different harmonicas in leather pockets around his waist), he masterfully played harmonies and solos, adding a brilliant depth to the band’s sound.

After playing fourteen songs, Moriarty were cheered back on stage for an encore, any disappointment from the earlier events in the evening wiped from the audience’s mind. Finishing beautifully with an unplugged musical rendition of Austrian poet Ingeborg Bachmann’s “Long is the Night”, which Moriarty turned into a soft, crooning lullaby, the band took one final bow in front of a thrilled audience.

Review by Lauren Sherritt


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So Frenchy So Chic In The Park @ Werribee Park Mansion, Melbourne – 15th January 2012

All photos by Naomi Rahim

Review: Big Day Out 2012 – Gold Coast Parklands – 22nd January 2012

Review by Lauren Sherritt
Big Day Out – it’s not just a music festival. It’s a fashion show, the latest summer clothes coming out to play (2012 including girls shortest short shorts, guys screen printed singlets and a whole lot of hair on everyone). It’s a test of the strength of boyfriends’ spines as they hoist their girlfriends high above the crowds on their shoulders. It’s a feat of endurance, a challenge put to the elements that no kind of weather can stop the show, a day of sunscreen and sunburn, of thrills, friendship and fried food. And yes, there is some excellent music as well.

The Gold Coast leg of the festival kicked off at eleven a.m. For those of us travelling from further afield the day started much earlier, a mixture of trains and shuttle buses becoming more and more crowded with others in festival garb as we neared the event.

Ticket checks, bag checks, ID checks done and we were in. The sun shone brightly, the outside glare making us squint to make out the shape of Abbe May and band on the contrasting dark stage, their hard rock carving through the muggy air.
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Charles Walker and The Dynamites @ The Zoo, Brisbane | November 24th, 2011 | Live Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt

Charles Walker
Photo Credit: Pete Coorey
  On possibly the most humid Brisbane night in 2011 so far, a small crowd gathered at The Zoo in hopes of witnessing something special. Clutching cold beverages and gathering close to fans and windows, last Thursday night proved to be the time for these fans of funk and soul to have their wishes come true and be transported back to a time when their music, played with passion and skill, was at it’s very height.

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Straight To You: Triple J’s Tribute to Nick Cave @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – November 20th, 2011 | Live Review

Review by Lauren Sherritt
On the night, Lindsay McDougall (aka Triple J’s ‘The Doctor’) introduced the concept well: “a show celebrating one of Australia’s music legends by the showcasing of new, young Australian talent”. Triple J’s tribute to Nick Cave, a series of concerts played around the country entitled Straight To You, remarkably achieved both of these objectives.
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Interview with Charles Walker and Leo Black of The Dynamites

by Lauren Sherritt

US funk masters The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker are in Australia delivering their unrelenting barrage of stripped-down, rhythmic R&B, funk and swinging soul!

Lauren Sherritt chats with singer Charles Walker and guitarist Leo Black and delves deeper into the soul of the band.

LS: You’ve been to Australia before, you played here last year?

Charles: Yeah we were there last year. This will be our third time.

Leo: Our first time was last April, then we came over for New Year and here we come again.

LS: And is Australia a country you like to tour in?

Charles: Oh yeah, very much so. We have a great time there and people really enjoy the music. It makes for a great tour.
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Dan Sultan @ Old Museum, Brisbane – 19 July 2011 | Live Review

Review: Lauren Sherritt

  The night of the nineteenth of July was a cold one in Brisbane, but the crowd heading to Dan Sultan’s sold out show at the Old Museum knew that things would soon heat up for them. The charismatic singer has a reputation for putting on a pretty fantastic show, and the scores of fans were counting on him making the trek out into the cold worthwhile.

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