5 Things You Didn’t Know About : The Run

With Melbourne trio THE RUN releasing their new single, ‘MISSING OUT ON’ (video below), we wanting to know more about the band so we asked them to share 5 things about themselves that we didn’t know.

1. None of us live closer than an hour away from one another.  Thank god for the Internet!

2.  We all love down ball.  Honestly, if we’re not on a stage, fair chance says we’re on the court.  stay tuned for summer hand ball content.

3.  The band’s name came from an instagram suggestion when we had no clue what to call ourselves.  The suggestion was ‘Run’ so we added ‘The’ and got ‘The Run’. Creative, right?

4.  We are all involved in Music Theatre in some capacity in fact, the band first started through a show.

5. When Sab was younger he wanted to be a tractor.  Although we know he would have done a great job, we’re damn sure he makes a better bass player.

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