Vast Hill – Heartbreaker (Official Video)

Diving into a pastel coloured, dreamy playground of sonic influences, VAST HILL has re-emerged with their new single and the first taste of their debut LP – More Than You Imagined – in ‘Heartbreaker’. From the opening crashes of electronic percussion, to the funky bassline and vocalist Elle Kress’ soaring notes, ‘Heartbreaker’ is sweet on the ear, enticing the listener to come back for more once the first playback reaches its conclusion.

For Vast Hill, the release of ‘Heartbreaker’ marks a new chapter for the band, a new direction as they lead up to the release of their new album. Working in a similar lane of contemporaries including Touch Sensitive, Donny Benet, Confidence Man and PNAU, Vast Hill are producing music that has serious pop weight behind the production, while the delivery of lyricism has elevated the duo as one’s to watch on the east coast’s indie and electro-pop scene.

Recorded in Sydney and working with Luke Million (I Know Leopard, Stranger Things) on mixing and Michael Chow (FROYO, Phoebe Starr) on co-production, Vast Hill’s new sounds came together under the eyes of some incredible talent. Particularly with Chow, his link up with Vast Hill for ‘Heartbreaker’ strengthened the creative dynamic. “We chose him because a) he is brilliant and is such a good songwriter and producer, b) he is a close friend of ours and is so good and easy to work with, c) he really gets our musical vision and was able to create something we love.” – Vast Hill

Similarly, working with Luke Million – easily one of the country’s most talented producers and electro artists – brought Vast Hill not just a new outlook on the music, but a stylistic touch the duo thrived off of. “Luke is such a talent in the music scene and we loved what he did on our buddies’, I Know Leopard, album. We also have loved all his releases over the years and knew he would be able to bring something really special to our music. As well as mixing ‘Heartbreaker’ and the entire LP, he also added some of his own touches to the soundscape of the track.” -Vast Hill

As an inclination of what is still to come from Vast Hill, the single is a strong statement that demonstrates and celebrates a love of pop songwriting, the intricacies of said songwriting and a talent for bringing clever songwriting together with impressive instrumentation. Full of charm, poise and individual flair, ‘Heartbreaker’ isn’t the lovelorn song its title suggests.

The song itself, borne out of witnessing a loved one going through the trials of a toxic relationship, may have darker themes in its songwriting, yet presented in a light, disco-tinged package. Inspired by Touch Sensitive particularly, Vast Hill followed this desire for creating something new and groove-based in bringing their narrative to life. “He [Touch Sensitive] has some killer grooves and that’s how the track took on more of a nu-disco feel. The single is about being a family member or a close friend to someone who is trapped in a toxic relationship, and watching that person spiral into a dark place, and you don’t know how to help them. It also kind of pays homage to that relationship you have before you find someone who is the real deal.” Vast Hill

April will see Vast Hill celebrate the release of ‘Heartbreaker’ with an unmissable live show in Sydney, taking to the stage at The Sly Fox, with JANEY and some extra special shows in the lead up.

VAST HILL ‘Heartbreaker launch shows’

Friday April 12th 2019 The Lansdowne Sydney
Supporting Florian

Sunday April 21st 2019 Yours and Owls party – North Wollongong Hotel Wollongong
Free entry

Saturday April 27th 2019 Vast Hill and Janey single launches – Sly Fox Sydney