The Odyssey 2007 Xmas Cabaret Freakshow – The Globe, Fortitude Valley – December 15 2007

Monster Zoku Onsomb

Review by Lisa Lamb

The Odyssey Xmas Cabaret Freakshow is one of the highlights of the year, held annually with three stages of music, theatre, art, dance, film, animation, comedy, puppetry, experimental noise, digital media, fire, mask, magik and soul. Combining the best of local talent with international performers such as Tiger Lil (*The Happy Sideshow* & Machine Gun Fellatio).

All part of an evil plan devised by Daniel Endicott of Odyssey Productions to unleash the world’s most daredevil entertainers on the seedy underbelly of this city starring the cream of Brisbane Burlesque including Miss Bertie, Miss Kitty Conquest, La Viola Vixen, Lena Marlene, The Gamble Sisters, Miss Mindi, Peppa Minx and Tony Campbell in all his tap dancing glory

Kafka played the foyer stage with their unique blend of jazz and funk.
The Blood Poets were a great opening band on the main stage with their catchy pop, rock and dance tunes, just the name alone is enough to keep you interested. Delivering a tight set with an unexpected appearance by burlesque performer Lady Vee as an added bonus!

The Bad Moon Company were dynamic with their pyschobilly hair playing full throttle rock n roll with influences from The Stray Cats & The Living End. Combined with a bit of jungle boogie, these guys were hot & deadly, with a great response from the crowd who were loving that double bass action!

Tiger Lil performed her ringmaster act to What’s New Pussycat?, and with Derek the acrobat as her Lion, this routine wowed the crowd as Lil combined acrobatics with sensuality and whip cracking burlesque, then rode the strong man around the stage before performing a fan dance duet with the luscious La Viola Vixen, who was dressed as Santa’s sensual helper!

Comic relief was provided by Miss Bertie as country & western queen from the deep south (Woodridge) Miss Bertie Ray Cyrus, & burlesque star Miss Kitty Conquest as The Dark Alice, direct from a Parisian sideshow with her enslaved rabbit Loris (I know it’s only sideshow but I like it). Miss Kitty also performed to Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole & did a spectacular fire routine to The Cult song Fire Woman, despite the restricted space in front of the curtains.

Other highlights included Jack Muzak, front man for The Kidney Thieves, with a special guest appearance by former drummer Brent Hughes as The Dancing Mule. The Kidney Thieves are a distinctive, genre-busting act blending rock, funk, psychedelic, dance, tribal, metal and western influences, who don’t mind dressing up and undressing in front of a live audience!

Tonight’s costume had a medical theme complete with medical masks. TKT have a huge following including one of Brisbane’s best guitarists Mikey Gagen from Arcane, who was moshing out in the crowd! Headline act were Monster Zoku Onsomb with wild costumes & funky dancing, they did an outrageous version of Tequila which included giving shots to the audience, they were like the B52’s on acid!

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