Live Review : Slash + Steel Panther – Festival Hall, Melbourne – 26th February 2015

By Geoffrey D’Unienville
Slash – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Walking up to Festival Hall on a Thursday night it was clear from the sea of black t-shirts and pleather that people were here for a rock show.

It’s kind of hard to feel like you’re at a real rock show though, when its 7pm on a warm Melbourne night and still daylight outside, however this didn’t stop support act Steel Panther instantly whipping up the crowd into a frenzy.
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Live Review : Slash & Steel Panther at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – February 24, 2015

Review by Courtney Laura
Photo credit: Rohan Anderson
Slash w/ Myles Kennedy at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

As we all stood and waited for the show to start, the Hordern Pavilion were playing Iron Maiden’s “666 the number of the beast”. I was stoked to hear a venue playing great music that really builds the atmosphere leading into the bands performances.
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SLASH feat. Myles Kennedy + The Conspirators and Steel Panther announce Soundwave Sidewaves

A rock god that needs no introduction, but we’ll well and truly give him one anyway.

SLASH has been churning out some of the most iconic guitar riffs and solos in modern rock for more than three decades. A member of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame for his role in the classic line-up of Guns N’ Roses and the spine-tingling opening riff he penned for the band’s trademark hit Sweet Child O’ Mine topped the list of ‘The 100 Greatest Riffs’ as voted by readers of UK’s Total Guitar magazine.
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Live Review: SLASH @ Brisbane Riverstage – 23 August 2012

Thursday night saw the return of SLASH to our shores as he kicked off his Apocalyptic Love Australian tour.

Leading the way on stage, charismatic Myles Kennedy greets the Brisbane audience closely followed by SLASH ringing out the first notes of ‘Halo’. ‘Nightrain’ and ‘Ghost’ follow and the nights direction is set firmly on a collision course with pure rock & roll… and the crowd’s loving it!

For fans wanting an onslaulght of riffage, SLASH was more than happy to oblige with standout moments throughout the entire set but special mention to’ Slither’, Godfather Theme and ‘Paradise City’.

Bassist Todd Kerns was also given center stage to expose his vocal skills and quickly riles up the crowd with a explosive and frenzied ‘Doctor Alibi’ and ‘You’re Crazy’, kicking the crowd into top gear.

But it’s Myles Kennedy; who has proved to be a valuable band member over the years, his vocal talents and showmanship complimenting SLASH perfectly; that keeps the Slash swagger and groove on course, delivering a stellar performance.

Finishing off the night with crowd favourite ‘Paradise City’, a shirtless SLASH gave the crowd his best Chuck Berry duckwalk, coupled with yet another display of his guitar prowess. And Myles made more than a few punters happy by jumping into the pit, getting up close and personal with some eager fans.

Slash is firmly cemented in the book of guitar legends and given his performance at Brisbane Riverstage on Thursday night he will continue to be high on our radars for many a year to come.

Artist: SLASH
Venue: Brisbane Riverstage
Date: 23 August 2012

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Standing in the Sun
Mr. Brownstone
Back From Cali
Beggars & Hangers-On
Rocket Queen
Not for Me
Doctor Alibi
You’re Crazy
Crazy Life
No More Heroes
Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re a Lie

By the Sword
Paradise City