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Photo Gallery: BIGSOUND Live 2012 – Day 2

Photographer: Cynthia Lee

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Interview with MIA DYSON

Interview by Stuart Blythe
After three years in the US, Mia Dyson returns to Australia with her new album “The Moment”. We caught up with Mia as she prepares to kick off her national tour.

LMM: You’ve spent the last few years in the US, how was that experience?

MIA: It was everything from exhilarating, inspiring, adventurous, to lonely, scary, challenging. I have done a lot of growing up having been away from my comfortable, familiar Australian life.
LMM: For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound/music?

MIA: Rock and roll, bit bluesy bit country sometimes, bit soul— a very concise description!
LMM: I understand a fan funding campaign help get your new album “The Moment” up an running?
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