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Double Pass Giveaways: Apollo Pathway (single launch!) @ East Brunswick Club, Melbourne – 15 April 2011

Apollo Pathway (single launch!) @ East Brunswick Club, Melbourne – Double Pass Giveaway!
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  In the summer of 2010, Apollo Pathway teamed up with Shidad’s Tom Larkin on production, inspired by his work with some of Australia’s best emerging bands including Calling All Cars, Red Ink, The Galvatrons and Young Heretics. Impressing Larkin with their creative vision, they set to work laying the foundations for Apollo Pathways debut album, immersing themselves and feeding off their undeniable live energy within a studio environment.

“Apollo Pathway have one of the best new sounds coming out of Melbourne this decade” Tom Larkin
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John Butler Trio – ‘One Way Road’ Single and Tour

John Butler Trio Tour Poster   * The John Butler Trio makes a welcome return with their new single ‘One Way Road’. This is the first radio song from their new studio album called ‘April Uprising’.

* With over a million copies of two of their previous albums, ‘Sunrise Over Sea’ & ‘Grand National’ sold around the world, and sell out tours in USA/ Canada/ Europe & Japan, JBT continue to prove they are one of Australia’s greatest musical exports.

* The new album ‘April Uprising’ was recorded in John Butler‘s Studio, ‘The Compound’, in Fremantle WA. John revisited the same partnership of the highly successful ‘Sunrise Over Sea’ album with Robin Mai on engineer & mixing duties and Nicky Bomba returning on drums. The album is produced by the JBT which includes new bassist Byron Luiters.

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Interview: Matthew Clark of White Rabbits – First Australian Tour

Author: Denis Semchenko
white rabbitsDenis Semchenko (LMM): Firstly, are you guys looking forward to touring Australia for the first time?

Mattew Clark (MC): Definitely. It’s one of those places that you hope you’ll be able to go to before you die. Added bonus is that we get to play music and not just vacation.
LMM: You’ve played a number of major festivals worldwide and you’re going to appear at both Falls and Southbound festivals in Australia – do you prefer playing festivals or intimate gigs?

MC: I would say we are a club band. We don’t like playing in sunlight too much. Festivals are just a different beast than what we are used to. Also, we tend to go on first when we play festivals. Which means you have to get up mad early, kid.

LMM: Speaking of venue gigs, you’re also playing shows in both Sydney and Melbourne – what can the uninitiated attendees expect at a White Rabbits gig?
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News: Datarock Australian Tour – January 2010

datarock-sml    Norway’s Datarock have returned with the follow up to the geek-chic party album of 2005, Datarock Datarock and will be heading down under to serve it up live to Australian audiences.

Their debut mixed Happy Mondays punk-funk with warped Devo humour, and was well received locally with ‘Computer Camp Love’ landing #12 on Triple J’s Hottest 100. The new album, Red, has lost none of the duo’s aptitude for so-classic-you-must-haveheard-it-before hooks, but this follow-up is an altogether more concept-driven beast.

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Interview: Sam Clark – Broken

Sam Clark   Since Neighbours first aired on Australian television it’s almost been de rigueur for its stars to branch out and launch a singing career. It’s fair to say that the move has panned out better for some than others (Holly Valance anyone?). Sam Clark is the latest actor to step up to the plate. Elize Strydom (LMM) caught up with him a few days into a three month promotional tour from his new single ‘Broken’ and discovered this kid ain’t no one hit wonder.

Life Music Media: Where do I find you this afternoon?

Sam Clark: 662km from the city..city..of…thhh…Sydney. Ah, I can’t even speak! I’ve been driving for too long already.

LMM: You have a relentless schedule ahead of you for the next three months. How are you going to handle it?

SC: I’ll just have to man up and deal with it! It’s all good fun. I get to play my music. I’m releasing my first single so it’s exciting. I just have to look at all the positives and the workload is something that has to happen.

LMM: You’re no stranger to hard work. Tell me the difference between the average day on the set of Neighbours and the average day as Sam Clark the rock star?
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