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Q&A with Leanne Tennant


Recently released, “Bearing the Crown” (video clip below) is the latest single from Leanne Tennants debut album, “Pull Up Your Britches”.

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Leanne Tennant took time out to answer a few questions for LifeMusicMedia.com

:: What track changed your life ::

Small Change by Tom Waits

:: What is your favourite Album ::

Too many! I would have to narrow it down to 3.

Tom Waits – Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years
The Eels – Hombre Lobo
The Dazed & Confused soundtrack

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BILLY CONNOLLY ‘The Man’ Australian Tour – 2011

Billy Connolly has enjoyed a longstanding career as one of the world’s best-loved comedians. His live shows have been enthralling audiences around the world for over three decades.

He has toured relentlessly, beloved by audiences in the British Isles, Australia, and New Zealand — all locations where he made a series of successful “world tour” documentaries for the BBC. His boisterous, animated physical style and off-the-cuff intensity also caught on with American audiences and he now tours the United States more regularly, becoming a familiar sight on late night talk shows.
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Adam Hills is Inflatable!

Adam & Linda (Auslan)
Adam Hills is Inflatable!
   Adam Hills is the host Spicks & Specks ABC TV and a widely popular stand up comedian. Adam performed his new show Inflatable’s – after the Inflatable boy/school joke – at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, (Brisbane(Powerhouse) and its still relevant in a world of reality television, double-speaking politicians and crimes against the English. Adam realised there are two kinds of people inflators and deflators, especially after the Beijing Paralympics, where everyone had a disability, including Adam, but that’s his story and he is happy to share it with you.

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