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Motörhead Australian Tour 2011 – [Tour News]

“Everything Louder Than Everything Else”
Motörhead return to Australia to raise hell in the service of rock ‘n roll in 2011.

  “Lemmy is a God. He is the reason. He is the last man standing and no one comes close” – Dave Grohl

Motörhead play – correction – Motörhead ARE loud, fast, dirty, bluesy rock ‘n roll with an unrivaled, ruthless attitude; obnoxious yet dignified. For over 35 years the band has maintained their strong hold as a force of unrelenting sonic power, pounding their music into the ear drums of audiences all over the world; reducing the masses into exhausted, sweat soaked, tinnitus-suffering submission, and leaving them begging for more.

The band has uniquely pioneered both heavy metal and punk rock, and is revered by aficionados of both genres. Theirs is a sound and a way of being that sees their fan base continue to grow year after year, and that has rightfully solidified Motörhead as living legends of hard rock.

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