MM9 vocalist Daniel Sutherland – LMM Interview

Interview: Denis Semchenko

  Off the back of a national tour with Karnivool, MM9 hit the road with their headline ‘Let It Take Over’ National tour which sees the band playing throughout October/November 2010.

MM9’s vocalist Daniel Sutherland (DS) took some time out for LifeMusicMedia (LMM)…

LMM: First of all, are you guys looking forward to heading up to QLD and playing gigs?
DS: We love playing any shows in QLD…the shows and the people are always awesome.
LMM: Also, are you excited about your forthcoming One Movement showcase in Perth?
DS: Just a wee bit..haha…we’re playing over 2 nights. We figure it’s going to be a great opportunity for something? You can never tell in this industry…
LMM: My first vivid impression of MM9 was seeing you guys at Sounds Of Spring 2009 – what was it like playing there?
DS: SOS was amazing…I swear nobody knew who we were, but we still managed to almost fill a massive tent. Definitely a turning point for MM9.
LMM: Name your favourite gig that you’ve played so far.
DS: That’s such a hard one to answer! We’ve played rave parties, sweaty clubs and pubs, festivals….95% of the shows we’ve played are our favourites. In saying that, one of our most memorable experiences was when we played a rave in Sydney called Hard Wars…3000 people, glow sticks…all looking at us scratching their heads, but dancing anyway.
LMM: How long did it take you guys to record The Air Between?
DS: The actual recording process only took 5-6 weeks. We had everything prepared for the studio…we were demoing tracks for around a year and a half.

LMM: How did “Drama Drama” initially come about?
DS: That track was actually the first song written for The Air Between. I wrote it out of frustration of constantly coming up against drama not only in my life, but in other peoples. Frustrated in the sense that you can’t just walk away sometimes.
LMM:“They Murder” also seems to have become a firm MM9 staple – but what’s the story behind it?
DS: We love playing this track live… Lyrically though, I think if you remain naive and always believe that people are all good, they will steal from you… be it your happiness, ideas whatever… and so “They Murder” was born! Hellooo Mr. Positive!
LMM: What are your fave MM9 tracks to play live?
DS: “Living Dumb”, “Disappear” (remix), “Celebrate The Failure”….so hard to pick. They’re audio children!
LMM: Speaking of – MM9 tend to sound a lot heavier live than on record…
DS: Yeah we know! How does that work? haha…we’re working on that one *walks back into the lab*
LMM: Daniel, you remixed Brisbane electro-rockers Felinedown last year – are you planning to work with them again?
DS: I’m currently producing and mixing an upcoming EP for Felinedown.
LMM: And lastly, what should uninitiated punters expect at the MM9 gig?
DS: LOUD NOISES…seriously…hopefully they witness something that they’ve never experienced before and walk away wanting to come back next time.


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