Live Review: KARNIVOOL The ‘Sound Awake’ Tour @ The Tivoli, Brisbane – 21 June 2009

Review by Hannah Collins

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[Photo: Stuart Blythe]
   Sunday, 21st of June 09 now has a new meaning for the hundreds of crazed Karnivool fans that flocked to fill the Tivoli with a new level of Fandom, all waiting for 5 Perth boys to take the stage and fill the air with those live sounds we’ve all come to love.

With the new album, Sound Awake available to Australia as of June 05th, the tour has finally begun. Will sellout shows throughout Australia, the Brisbane Sunday second was nothing short of an opening nighter all unto itself.

Looking forward to hearing live, one of the most anticipated album releases of 09, the Tivoli is packed with die hard Karnivool fans old and new. All waiting to hear, what will be one of the first live shows demonstrating new songs from Sound Awake.

A smashing compilation of both the old and new genres that have come together to form the makings of a new sound for a great band. And what a wait it was! Although there’s been no shortage of tours, the lack of new material and the promise of a new release every six months, had people wondering what would become of their favorite local act? Well, Karnivool didn’t let us down with Sound Awake, and certainly didn’t’ let us down with the live performance on Sunday.

With deep red lights resembling equalizers hung as a back drop, The Vool took the stage, with current line up, Ianny Kenny (Vox), Drew Goddard (Guitar), Mark Hosking (Guitar), John Stockman (Bass), and Steve Judd (Drums) all filing into their places.

The set begins with two songs off the new album; Simple Boy and Goliath, with the lights behind, moving through the colors of the rainbow, all in sync with the music. The opening bass riff creates an undertow of excitement that ripples through the crowd like a wave. The undeniable enthusiasm, emanating from the audience as Shutterspeed and Cote run their course, was more like something you’d see at a concert of stadium proportions. There is a resounding energy present, as the crowd goes wild and the pit opens up to the vibration of the thundering bass and drums. Karnivool has arrived!

We move through Fear of the Sky, Dead Man, All I know and Themata. The show rolls on with many a rocker reaching to the sky when Drew plays their favorite riff, or Ian sings their most loved verse, letting his heartfelt vocals soar to the heights that only he can achieve.

When you think the excitement can’t elevate any higher, it does. The screams from fans found higher decibels and from above, those on the balcony crowding in for a better look, some almost falling over the rails by trying to get closer to the band.

As the gig seems to be nearing its end, there appears to be those, dealing with the realization that there’s only a few songs to go. The height of the chorus, “ It’s nice to know you’re with us!” is echoed though the crowd. Roquefort comes in and it’s murmured that the P.A’s been turned up… or has it? The feeling of utter ecstasy maintains its relevance.

And as Karnivool walk off the stage. No one moves. We know they’re coming back for one more song… come on… come on …. and it arrives…. a proud walk back on stage knowing you’ve just played a successful gig. And what do we end with? Change. An epic song of more than 10 minutes proportion, need I say more?

What a night! What a band! What a Sound!

Set List
Simple Boy
New Day
All I Know
Set Fire



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