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Calling All Cars single ‘Standing in the Ocean’ (Official Music Video)

CAC-Single‘Standing In The Ocean’ is the new single from Calling All Cars, the second from their forthcoming new album Raise The People. Already added to triple j rotation and destined to become a fist-pumping summer anthem, the single now boasts an equally seasonal video, a narrative of sorts from the mind of Melbourne director Timothy Melville.
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Jack Colwell & The Owls new single ‘Far From View’ (Official Video Clip)

JCOClassically trained, alt-pop prince, Jack Colwell, released his highly anticipated new single Far From View in February. This time Colwell is joined by the choir from Karen O’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) production of Stop the Virgens – a Psycho Opera, which had its Australian debut at Vivid Sydney in 2012.
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Saintseneca premiere new video for “Happy Alone”

Saintseneca_by_Saintsenca_-_Etc“Happy Alone” is the new video from celebrated young band Saintseneca. The clip is an imaginative study of alienation and isolation. The song is from the band’s forthcoming album Dark Arc, out on March 28.

Saintseneca is led by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zac Little who originally hails from rural Appalachia. Following in the footsteps of heartland bands who have sought to twist the music of the old weird America into new shapes – from the Violent Femmes to Neutral Milk Hotel – Saintseneca perform songs that sound both familiar and uniquely original. The group utilizes a wide range of acoustic instrumentation with more contemporary elements such as synthesizers and electric guitars to create a seamless blend of soaring vocals and vibrant post-punk energy.
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  Combining the talents of brothers Lachlan (guitar and vocals) and Leigh Ewbank (drums) as well as Ali Edmonds (bass) Damn Terran have rightfully earned a reputation for being one of Melbourne’s most incendiary live bands.

‘Rational Economic Man’ is four minutes of addictive tension and release. Anger and control play out meticulously in staccato chords, stop/start rhythms and Ewbank’s melodic yet virulent vocals.

To capture Rational Economic Man’s raucous glory, Damn Terran invited dedicated fans and curious punters to a Melbourne warehouse for the filming of its accompanying video clip. The entire clip was shot using head-cameras worn by the band and members of the audience, resulting in a realistic view of both band and fan alike.

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Jane’s Addiction Release Second Behind-the-Scenes Video

The video features footage of the band performing at Lollapalooza Chile on April 3rd, as well as the revelation that
they are using the same soundboard to record their new album that was used on ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ and ‘Ritual de lo Habitual’.
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CARO EMERALD debut single ‘BACK IT UP’ [Video]

Check out the ‘BACK IT UP’ video clip below!

  “New Orleans… 1951… a bar full of genius players – double dealing, sweet talking players with more on their mind than numbers – converge where the hustlers lay on the sugar thicker than the cheap wine that flows in the back rooms of the gambling halls. Eyes shift to the white girl who is obviously lost, or from out of town. And as soon as the timpani plays and she grabs the microphone, her voice moves from pariah to Princess of the Pleasure Dome. A coincidence? No, not really…”

‘Back It Up’ is the sound of swapped glances across a crowded dancefloor. It’s the sound of a party that begins late and carries on until the sun rises. It’s a song about dancing, flirting and a declaration of independence. With her debut single, Caro Emerald announces herself with the sort of sassy, whipsmart pop that will have the likes of Lily Allen and Mark Ronson pricking up their ears. Her smouldering vocals update the classic Americano sound with a contemporary sheen and suggestive lyrics over a melting pot of sounds and influences – yet the sound is entirely, inimitably that of an exciting new artist.
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THE HOBBIT Start of Production [YouTube Video]

“As promised, my first video from the set of THE HOBBIT. Enjoy!” – Peter Jackson

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The Lord of The Rings (Special Extended Trilogy Pack)

  Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship Of The RingFate Has Chosen Him. A Fellowship Will Protect Him. Evil Will Hunt Them.In a time before history, in a place named Middle-earth, a dark and powerful lord has brought together the forces of evil to destroy its cultures and enslave all life caught in his path. Sauron's time has come and he needs only one small object, a Ring that has been lost for centuries, to snuff out the light of civilization and cover the world in darkness. Though he has put all of his power into the search for it, fate has put it in the hands of a young hobbit named Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), who inherits the Ring and steps into legend. Lord Of The Rings – The Two TowersAll will be sacrificed…

All will be lost… Unless all unite against evil.The Fellowship has been broken. Boromir (Sean Bean) is dead, Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin) have gone to Mordor alone to destroy the One Ring, Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) have been captured by the Uruk-hai, and Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) have made friends of the Rohan, a race of humans that are in the path of the upcoming war, led by its aging king, Thoden (Bernard Hill). Lord Of The Rings – The Return Of The KingThe Fellowship's journey is coming to an end. Sauron's forces have attacked Gondor's capital of Minas Tirith in his final siege against mankind. Watched over by a fading steward, the once great kingdom has never been in more desperate need of its king. But will Aragorn find the strength to become what he was born to be and rise to meet his destiny?Movie DetailsRelease Date: 2005-03-17Genre: Box Sets,Drama,Adventure,FantasyRating: MLength: 999 minutesRegion: 4 (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Central and South America, Caribbean, Mexico)Format: PALContents: Box Set containing 12 discsClassification Warning: Supernatural themes, Medium level violence

The Belligerents – ‘Such A Crime’ [Video Clip]

Less Arty More Party - The BelligerentsLess Arty More Party
  The Belligerents
The Belligerents @ Woodland Bar, Brisbane – 26 March 2011 w/ Young Men Dead, Millions [Photo Gallery]

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Apollo Pathway – ‘Never Ending Story’ [Video Clip]

  Artist: Apollo Pathway
Single: ‘Never Ending Story’

The Stop Motion Video is made up of over 4000 still images.
Directed by: Patrick Carrick
Photography by: Veronica Russel
Edited by: Patrick Carrick & Veronica Russel
Featuring: Felicity Tregonning

Catch Apollo Pathway live at The East Brunswick Club, Melbourne on April 15th 2011

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Radio Star – A Common Tale [Video Clip]

  Check out RADIO STAR at

April 2011 Tour Dates:
Sounds Loud Festival Sat, 9 Apr Moonee Ponds, VIC, AUSTRALIA
Producers Bar Sat, 16 Apr Adelaide, SA, AUSTRALIA
The Evelyn Thu, 21 Apr Fitzroy, Victoria, AU

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