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Live Review – Dead Letter Circus + Sleepmakeswaves at Metro Theatre, Sydney – December 19, 2014

Words and Pics by Ben Hosking –
Dead Letter Circus at Metro Theatre, Sydney
What a way to close out the gigging year: a headlining shot from Dead Letter Circus at Sydney’s venerable Metro Theatre, supported by sleepmakeswaves. Sydney’s 4-piece instrumental act sleepmakeswaves are an interesting proposition, given the lack of a front person. Yet despite the unconventional post-rock style, in the vein of recent acts like Scale the Summit and Russian Circles, the band is keeping the audience’s attention easily – no doubt via their combination of soaring crescendos and delicate, intricate twin-guitar interplay. Tonight is certainly the perfect Aussie prog’ tonic for a hard, working year.
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Interview | Tommy Victor – PRONG

Interview by Ben Hosking


US metal favourites PRONG will tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever this coming November (2014). We chat with founding member, singer/guitarist Tommy Victor

Hi Tommy it’s Ben here calling on behalf of
How are you?

Hi Ben, I’m fine thank you

Prong has been going, on and off, for almost 30 years. Yet this is your first time to Australia. How come?

Why, I guess it’s just demand over the years and the band has been really active and more recently in the last three years we’ve had more momentum to play more places.
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Interview | Jordan Rudess – Dream Theater

Interview by Ben Hosking
Dream Theater
Post Progressive Metal masters Dream Theater are returning to Australia in October 2014 to perform a number of intimate shows and it’s with great pleasure that Life Music Media spoke with Dream Theater keybordist Jordan Rudess ahead of the tour.

With a career spanning 30 years, how does the band stay motivated?

It’s not hard, we love what we do. Music is our lives and what we think about pretty much all of the time so playing it together is fun and when we go out we play concerts which is really cool because the audiences are generally great and it keeps the fun alive.
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Live Review | Cannibal Corpse + Hour of Penance @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – September 11, 2014

Words and Pics: Ben Hosking
When Cannibal Corpse last played Sydney two years ago at the Manning Bar, punters were left bruised, broken and scarred. If the line up for tonight’s show at the Metro is anything to go by, there’s sure to be a room full of battered corpses by the end of the night.
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Live Review | Devildriver + Whitechapel @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney – September 6, 2014

Words and Pics: Ben Hosking –

With a line waiting out front that stretched around the corner and up the street, there was no question tonight’s show with US metal bands Whitechapel and Devildriver was going to be a brutal one. While it’s unfortunate that most of those people would miss the opening act due to the HiFi’s super slow entry process (to the extent that the tour manager would have to delay Whitechapel’s start time until everyone was allowed in well past 9pm), Whitechapel and Devildriver no doubt made every single punter in the full room forget about any annoying delays.
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Photo Gallery + Review | Anathema @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – August 22, 2014

Words and Pics: Ben Hosking

Spiritual. Transcendental. Spellbinding. Miraculous. That’s the best way to describe Anathema’s first Sydney concert in their 25-year history. There’s electricity in the air and from the first bars of Untouchable Part 1, everyone can feel it – including the band themselves who are visibly stoked at the reception.
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Interview with Daniel Cavanagh – ANATHEMA

Interview by Ben Hosking

Distant Satellites – AnathemaWith ANATHEMA making their long awaited first visit to Australia this August (2014), we were absolutely delighted when Daniel Cavanagh took time out to chat with

Your August tour to Australia will be your first to our shores in your 25 year history. Why so long?

I don’t know why so long, it’s just the way it happened. Our career trajectory has had a kind of difficult course and hasn’t always had the backing or focus that it needed to really achieve great things. I think it’s only in the last few years that these things have been in place.
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