5 things you didn’t know about Miles Recommends

Miles Recommends are an indie-rocking 5-piece from Melbourne who like to share the love. So here’s 5 things you didn’t know about the band, but one per band member, of course.

  • Des (lead vocals / rhythm guitar) was born in and spent his childhood in North Queensland. But despite these bogan origins he’s still managed to acquire an environmental conscience. His pet hate is seeing rubbish (particularly recyclables) littering the streets, which ultimately then ends up in drains and waterways. So he formed the Footscray Rubbish Runners, which you might have guessed, is a group that runs (and walks) around the streets of Footscray on a monthly basis picking up rubbish. Look them up and get involved!
  • Lou (lead vocals) likes to brag about the raft of accolades she received winning colouring-in competitions as a kid. With such epic prizes including soft toys, books and t-shirts – who wouldn’t?! But her undisputed biggest achievement was as a vivacious teenager with braces who channelled Kath Day-Knight to accentuate her wonderfully awkward looks with a killer perm! Oddly enough, there are no known photos of this time period.
  • Ken (lead guitar) once had a pet python named Ringo who was longer than Ken is tall– which is quit the achievement considering Ken is pushing 4 feet… kidding! Ringo didn’t play drums but was witness to Ken’s greatest lifetime achievement – burping, sneezing and farting all at the same time… Amazing!
  • Justin (bass) has your classic garage musician background – he joined his first band without even really knowing what a bass guitar was. He picked one up because at the time joining bands seemed like a good way to make new friends – and lucky for him it was a strategy that worked! Today Justin is not only a kick-arse bass player – but has friends galore!
  • Mike (drums) has been channelling Chazz Michael Michaels (from Blades of Glory) from an early age – and was even a Canadian national speed skating champion. But his real claim to fame is being the undisputed Coconut Cream Pie Eating Champion of Kaua’i! We won’t post the pictures because seeing Mike victorious with cream all over his face is something which simply can’t be unseen!

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