Weezer “Hurley” – LP Review

Review: Lana Harris

  Weezer have been around for a long time now. Their unique geek alt rock sound first surfaced in the nineties, when they experienced their peaks of mainstream success with the albums Weezer (1994) and Pinkerton (1996). Since then, they’ve copped a lot of flak regarding their direction and style, with one fan offering them $10 million for the band to not make another record. The band’s response? Up it to $20 mil and we’re in. Like all bands with a distinctive ‘sound’, there’ll always be criticisms when the group evolves. Perhaps it might be expected after coming up to two decades of existence with an image and lyrics that played on the innocent awkwardness of early adulthood?

Hurley (pop culture reference: Hurley is a character from that long running TV series, Lost, played by Jorge Garcia, whose face it is that fills the album cover) is the eighth album for the group. Hurley is introduced in straight up and down pop style on tracks ‘Memories’ (first single) and ‘Ruling Me’, which takes the pop antics of the sixties and mikes through post millennial lyrics and geekdom, though never allowing these new elements to override essential sweetness.

Later tracks are quirkier and more of the earlier Weezer sound comes through. ‘Where’s My Sex?’ uses the word sex but treats it like a lost object, like a wallet or your right shoe or perhaps…socks? This is kind of funny, pop punk lyrical style. ‘Smart Girls’ also contains pieces of their earlier sound in the tempo and lyrics, which will please fans who liked the old stuff better than the new stuff.

Stand out tracks were ‘Unspoken’, which starts off acoustic and maintains a pared back approach to instrumental support throughout, focusing on strong lyrics and a good chorus hook, and ‘Represent’ which forms part of the deluxe-bonus-edition extra tracks. ‘Represent’ pays homage to the early cited influences of Nirvana and The Pixies, using grungy guitars but still maintaining fresh pop sounds and ending on a great mini orchestral closer.

Hurley is a good album. It’s got quirky bits, it’s got poppy bits, it’s plenty of sweet. It’s not quite as ‘happy’ as their heyday offerings, but its still a solid indie record, a record with enough sly workings in of the sound that shot them to early career success to satisfy.

Review: Lana Harris

HurleyHurley (Deluxe Version) – Weezer

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