The Honey Month – THE OWL [Video Clip]

  From The Honey Month guys:
We originally wrote The Owl in 2009. It had a very different vibe at the time, but it has followed us happily and evolved over the last couple of years into what it is now. Before recording the EP, our lovely friend and Producer, Sean Cook had us come over so he could record some demos for us – we decided to put this song on it. One thing led to another (with everything in between), and when the demo of The Owl was being played on the Triple J, we

thought it’d be a pretty good choice to record it again for our EP. To be releasing The Owl as a single is very fulfilling for us all. The official film clip was made by Byron Quandary, and puts the song in a really cool perspective. Hope you enjoy it!

The single launch is happening at Woodland Bar, Brisbane on February 25th 2011 with Inland Sea supporting. Tickets Available Here

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