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‘The Rat Trap’ Polytoxic @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 9th February, 2011 [Live Review]

Review by: Lana Harris

  Let me introduce you to The Rat Trap. Bull whipping, lampshade hanging, Siamese twin ninja fighting cabaret. Using a mix of circus antics, contemporary dance moves, ye olde piano music, silent movie explanation screens and good ol’ physical comedy, Polytoxic act out the seedy and sexy story of the dive known as The Rat Trap.

The Rat Trap is a ‘scratch work,’ the beginnings of a finished piece performed as part of the World Theatre Festival at the Powerhouse. The festival contains several of these still cooking pieces, enticing viewers with an unpolished taste of performer vision.

Polytoxic keeps a cracking pace through the show, including plenty of action designed to make the audience gasp and laugh. The result is an accessible piece where there’s nothing to ‘get’. Polytoxic make it clear to their audience that their sole purpose on stage during Rat Trap is not to send a message or explore deep, dark and meaningful themes, it’s to amuse the audience and have fun. The diversity of the performers, whose backgrounds range from theatre to dance to circus training, appears to be a strong feature in creating such an entertaining piece. The mix of talents twists intricacy and depth into the performance.

Polytoxic have been around since 2000, and have recently upped their numbers from a three piece to six performers. If the beginnings of The Rat Trap are anything to go by, the increase in entertainers will expand the possibilities of a group which are already known for their raw, energetic, and accomplished works.

Playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse until Sun 13 Feb 2011

Fri 11 Feb 7.15pm
Fri 11 Feb 8.20pm
Sat 12 Feb 7.15pm
Sat 12 Feb 8.20pm
Sun 13 Feb 5.45pm
Sun 13 Feb 8.45pm

Visit the Brisbane Powerhouse site for all details.

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World Theatre Festival – 66A Church Road

Brisbane Powerhouse presents
66A Church Road – A Lament Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases THEATRE

Daniel Kitson returns to Brisbane Powerhouse with a new theatrical work of love, heart-ache and a forsaken flat.“Last September I had to move out of my flat after living there for almost six years. I didn’t want to. I lived alone. I am single. 66a Church Road was the longest relationship of my life. This is a break up show. For my flat.” Daniel Kitson, May 2008. Astonishing images of crumbling beauty and battered grandeur will emerge from time beaten suitcases, telling a funny, sad and truly nostalgic story of a forsaken flat, a broken heart and the ache for home.

Tue 2nd – Sun 7th February 2010 8pm
$40 (f) $34 (c/p)
Visy Theatre

For more information go to www.brisbanepowerhouse.org