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Clutch – “Live at the 9:30” – DVD Review

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  Review: Ben Hosking

Perhaps the biggest thing to make or break a live music DVD is the audio mix. Some nail it while so many others fall by the wayside with weak, muddy, uneven or noisy mixes.

Thankfully for Clutch – 20 year veterans of the ‘stoner’ rock genre, or whatever it is you may like to call it – it’s immediately obvious that ‘Live at the 9:30’ is going to be a genuinely enjoyable watching experience.

While it’s so easy to lumber Clutch in with the rest of the stoner crowd, their style boasts too many other elements to keep it restrained to such a narrow pigeon hole. It’s also – more often than not – too energetic and vibrant to properly fit. Existing fan or not, watching this two DVD set will certainly go far to leaving you with an entirely new perception and appreciation of the Maryland four piece. Continue reading Clutch – “Live at the 9:30” – DVD Review