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Bonfire Nights “Bonfire Nights” EP Review

Review: Victoria Nugent

  Bonfire Nights are relative newcomers to the Brisbane music scene, but they are truly carving out their own distinct style. Stephen Foster and Ruth Nitkiewicz took the step of joining forces musically earlier this year, with great results. This rocking duo makes music that’s a little bit different from the usual indie pop fare, with great boy girl vocal dynamics, switching with ease between slow harmonic pop and no holds barred indie rock.

“Own Worst Enemy” is pure dark rock, full of low, dirty-sounding intonations, edgy guitar riffs, a short

eerie intro and punchy vocals. “Leave Yourself Open” is slower with great harmonies between Foster and Nitkiewicz, with harmonica woven into almost hypnotic instrumentals. Continue reading Bonfire Nights “Bonfire Nights” EP Review