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JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys – “Fidelity” CD Review

Review: Victoria Nugent

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  Fidelity is a very interesting and enjoyable collaboration between Chrissie Hyde of The Pretenders’ fame, and Welsh musician JP Jones. The first song on the album, “Perfect Lover” sums up the musical history of the group, with Hyde singing, “I found my perfect lover, but he’s only half my age.” To elaborate a bit further, Hyde and Jones had a brief relationship which fizzled because of the age difference. Rather than let their chemistry go to waste however, the pair formed a band, setting the story of their relationship to music. A theme of fairs and fairgrounds permeates the album, from the cover art to the conclusion of the word Fairground in several song titles.

“If You Let Me In” is straight forward rocky with hooky, repetitive lyrics and lots of vocal harmonising. “Fairground Luck” has an infectious melody that’s occasionally reminiscent of “Lean On Me” during the verses with strong riffs and Jones’ charismatic vocals carrying the choruses.
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