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Interview: MIAMI HORROR and the Bacardi Express

Miami Horror
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  Miami Horror and the Bacardi Express

LMM: When you heard about playing on the Bacardi Express Tour, you thought?
MH: At first I wasn’t too aware of what would be involved. It wasn’t until we had to do some pre-press shots/interviews last year on the train that I realised how great an experience it would be and became very excited. The train is amazing and all the people we have met so far that are involved have been lovely.

LMM: What are you most looking forward to on the Bacardi Express tour?
MH: We’ve all been talking about the jam room and DJ booth. We are hoping to learn some classic songs to jam with the other bands. Hopefully we can jam some Supertramp.

LMM: Absolutely loved your music clip “Sometimes”, where did the inspiration for that come from?
MH: Originally we had a concept similar to a movie called “Logan’s Run”, but we let Moopjaw (Director/producer of “Sometimes”).
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