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Live Review | Tina Arena @ Brisbane Convention Centre – August 24, 2014

Review by David French
Tina Arena_3345-L
Tina Arena’s latest “Reset” tour is by all accounts quite a risk for the singer. She decided to finance it herself and with it take greater control, providing the vision and co-creating the whole tour from the ground up. This was well worth the gamble taken given the overwhelming reaction from the audience that filled the Brisbane Convention Centre on Sunday night.

From the first note of the dramatic opening you could sense the artistic freedom and the packed audience made up of all ages, shapes and sizes were truly ready to embrace Ms. Arena and have fun.
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Live Review | Dream Theater @ Brisbane Convention Centre 3 December 2009 with Pain of Salvation

By: Hannah Collins

With the Majesty symbol out in force, The Brisbane convention centre slowly begins to fill as fans old and new await a set of mammoth proportions.

Dream TheaterThe venue is still relatively empty as support act, Pain Of Salvation (Sweden) begin to play. The 5 piece, consisting of Daniel Gildenlöw (vocals/guitar), John Hallgren (Backing vocals/Guitar) , Fredrik Hermansson (synthesizers) Léo Margarit (drums/backing vocals) and Per Schelander (bass guitar/backing vocals) announce themselves as “A Swedish band, with a French drummer… somewhat like Meshugga, but with notes”… an interesting analogy.

Their sound comprises of powerfully accentuated guitar work, progressive yet full, with a large and differential vocal range, being contributed to by the excessive use of backing vocals from three different members of the band. Although submitting to be a backup vocalist only, Hallgren seems to have a larger more substantial vocal sound, not only contributing to backup but taking whole sections of songs to claim as his own with his husky larger than life undertones.
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