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Dweezil Zappa “Return of the son of…” – Album Review

Review: Hannah Collins

DweezilDweezil Zappa
  Ian Donald Calvin Euclid, AKA Dweezil Zappa, paramount rock guitar legend, composer, actor and more, has released to the public a new work. A two disc composition, of the most insane “lounge” music I’ve ever heard! There’s not much in the title, yet “Dweezil Zappa, return of the son of…” is an exciting, entailing and esoteric ride from the opening riff to Dweezil’s “Thank you people good night” that outs the last entry. Unfortunately for Dweezil, the shadow cast by his Father has followed him throughout the duration of his 30+ year musical career, still keeping DZ in somewhat of a box like a tight cast actor. Return of the son of is no exception, and is more of an expansion, addition and extortion of some his fathers earlier works, than an

individuals attempt at breaking the mould. Charismatic although it is, and had me giggling my way through the first listen; all two and half hours of it! Whether listening while driving in the car or sitting or the lounge, the moment my attention waned (which others may relate to during the elongated jazz progressions linking sections of verse) I’d be hit with another installment of a completely off the wall story, that began to make some sense by the end of the piece. Continue reading Dweezil Zappa “Return of the son of…” – Album Review