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Live Review: Apocalyptica @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney – 31 August 2012

Review by Meghan Player
It’s been a long time coming for fans of Finnish band Apocalyptica to finally catch the band on Australian soil for the first time in their 16+ year career – and it was well worth the wait.

As the band take to the stage to a roar from the local crowd, the first thing you must remember is to forget everything you know about ‘traditional’ metal bands and their sound. Apocalyptica not only redefines what makes a great metal band, but the manner in how the sound is achieved.

Arming themselves with cellos [yes, cellos], the band whip through melodic frenzies of gorgeous noise – willing the crowd into an incredible sense of awe. The head banging, hair twirling spectacle doesn’t cease through the bands entire set – never disengaging, never boring, never predictable.
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Interview with Andrew Levy – The Brand New Heavies

Interview: Stuart Blythe
Legendary British soul funk pioneers The Brand New Heavies return to Australia this September *2012*, playing intimate venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The Brand New Heavies’ bassist Andrew Levy chats to LifeMusicMedia.com

LMM: Hi Andrew, you’ll be performing in Australia this September. What can we expect from your shows?

Andrew: Australia can expect a High Gloss performances from the funk/soul band that delivers like a rock band. A taste of some new material too…. Don’t worry all the hits you know and love will be on the set list as usual!
LMM: Do you have any special memories of past Australian visits?
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Interview with MIA DYSON

Interview by Stuart Blythe
After three years in the US, Mia Dyson returns to Australia with her new album “The Moment”. We caught up with Mia as she prepares to kick off her national tour.

LMM: You’ve spent the last few years in the US, how was that experience?

MIA: It was everything from exhilarating, inspiring, adventurous, to lonely, scary, challenging. I have done a lot of growing up having been away from my comfortable, familiar Australian life.
LMM: For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound/music?

MIA: Rock and roll, bit bluesy bit country sometimes, bit soul— a very concise description!
LMM: I understand a fan funding campaign help get your new album “The Moment” up an running?
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Live Review: SLASH @ Brisbane Riverstage – 23 August 2012

Thursday night saw the return of SLASH to our shores as he kicked off his Apocalyptic Love Australian tour.

Leading the way on stage, charismatic Myles Kennedy greets the Brisbane audience closely followed by SLASH ringing out the first notes of ‘Halo’. ‘Nightrain’ and ‘Ghost’ follow and the nights direction is set firmly on a collision course with pure rock & roll… and the crowd’s loving it!

For fans wanting an onslaulght of riffage, SLASH was more than happy to oblige with standout moments throughout the entire set but special mention to’ Slither’, Godfather Theme and ‘Paradise City’.

Bassist Todd Kerns was also given center stage to expose his vocal skills and quickly riles up the crowd with a explosive and frenzied ‘Doctor Alibi’ and ‘You’re Crazy’, kicking the crowd into top gear.

But it’s Myles Kennedy; who has proved to be a valuable band member over the years, his vocal talents and showmanship complimenting SLASH perfectly; that keeps the Slash swagger and groove on course, delivering a stellar performance.

Finishing off the night with crowd favourite ‘Paradise City’, a shirtless SLASH gave the crowd his best Chuck Berry duckwalk, coupled with yet another display of his guitar prowess. And Myles made more than a few punters happy by jumping into the pit, getting up close and personal with some eager fans.

Slash is firmly cemented in the book of guitar legends and given his performance at Brisbane Riverstage on Thursday night he will continue to be high on our radars for many a year to come.

Artist: SLASH
Venue: Brisbane Riverstage
Date: 23 August 2012

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Standing in the Sun
Mr. Brownstone
Back From Cali
Beggars & Hangers-On
Rocket Queen
Not for Me
Doctor Alibi
You’re Crazy
Crazy Life
No More Heroes
Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re a Lie

By the Sword
Paradise City

Interview with Elliot Margin – The Rubens

Interview by Carl Dziunka
With a couple of successful singles under their belt, and a national tour about to kick off, we chat with Elliott Margin of THE RUBENS.

LMM: Having a group formed with your siblings, is there much rivalry between you?

Elliot: No not at all. Having spent our whole lives together we understand each other really well, what makes each of us tick. We’re great at knowing when to stick the knife in and when to back off.
LMM: What are the major influences for your music?
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Interview: Mat. McHugh – The Beautiful Girls

Interview by Stuart Blythe
Currently on his “An Evening With The Beautiful Girls” ten-year anniversary tour, Mat. McHugh took time out with Life Music Media.

LMM: You’re currently on your “An Evening With The Beautiful Girls” ten-year anniversary tour.
How’s the tour been so far?

Mat. McHugh: It’s been ok. 3 shows in. I’ve been trying to get my head back in the game. I haven’t played TBG songs for a little while so it’s all about getting the groove back at the moment.
LMM: It’s the ten-year anniversary tour but also a farewell to The Beautiful Girls moniker and stepping out as Mat. McHugh. Frightening or natural artistic progression?
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Live Review: The Smashing Pumpkins @ Hisense Arena, Melbourne – 2nd August 2012

Review by Billy Geary
With the annual Splendour in the Grass festival letting loose in Bryon Bay, the sideshow circus around the country was in full swing. Co-headlining Splendour was the infamous Smashing Pumpkins, lead by vocalist/guitarist Billy Corgan with a new album in tow. In the lead up to Thursday night at Hisense Arena, there had been much speculation regarding the Pumpkins’ set. Corgan had previously stated that the band’s new album Oceania was to be played in full, aided by a ‘ground breaking’ spherical projection. The most striking thing upon entering the venue was how empty it seemed, with almost the entire top-level empty, as well as large chunks of the floor.

However, as the first few chords of ‘Quasar’ were played it became obvious for those who were there, that it would be a great show. Midway through Oceania, the more casual Smashing Pumpkins fans were getting impatient, with constant calls to play their old stuff. This only inspired the band to work harder, with Corgan visibly loving the opportunity to showcase the new record. Tracks like ‘The Chimera’ and ‘Pinwheels’ worked extremely well, with the former drawing the first large cheer for the night. Mention must be made of the image projection onto the giant sphere above the band as they played Oceania, it was a welcome addition that really gave an extra dimension to the songs that most weren’t too familiar with.
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Interview : Ingrid Michaelson

Interview by Robert Pugsley
With Ingrid Michaelson visiting our shores for her sophomore tour this September *2012*, our Robert Pugsley asked Ingrid about her new album, television and what lies ahead.

LMM: So tell me about your new album Human Again – the writing process, the recording process, working with David Kahne and what you think of the final product?

Ingrid: David Kahne pushed me to really sing. He asked me why I never sang the way I sing live on recordings. It really sparked something in me and inspired me to write songs that vocally opened me up. And that in turn allowed me to open up in all other ways too. I am very proud of Human Again. I feel like I wanted to do something bolder and stronger and I did.
LMM: Human Again has charted well and has received positive reviews, E Weekly etc so are you happy with the reception it has received?

Ingrid: I try not to put too much value in reviews, positive or negative. I just want the people who buy my records and come to my shows to love it.
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Interview with Red Revolver ahead of the 4 Walls Festival

LMM: Tell us a little about Red Revolver?

Red Revolver is a young Rock n Roll trio from Brisbane. Our sound is a mixture of many styles and has been described as ‘controlled chaos’. Red Revolver was started with a desire to get people dancing again, which makes our shows fun and energetic.
LMM: How would you describe your music?
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Interview with The Vernons ahead of the 4 Walls Festival

LMM: Tell us a little about The Vernons?

The Vernons officially formed in May 2011 with 3 members (Jonny, Andrew, James) from the Gold Coast, and one from Brisbane (Elliot). Jonny Nyst (Lead Singer) had been playing acoustic originals for a few years around the Gold Coast area, and the other members of the band came from playing covers gigs on the Gold Coast for our friends. When an opportunity came for Jonny to play an originals gig with a band, we all leapt at the chance, and The Vernons were born. Since then, we have been slowly picking up momentum, playing shows in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and just recently Sydney.
LMM: How would you describe your music?
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Interview with Bandito Folk ahead of the 4 Walls Festival

Bandito Folk chat with Life Music Media ahead of the 4 Walls Festival.

LMM: Tell us a little about Bandito Folk?

We have been togther for about 18 months, we all met doing music at QUT. Also we have taken Samba Dance Classes together for 15 of those months, which has helped us bond and become good mates. We have recently finished tracking our debut EP which is currently being mixed, this should be available in a few months. We have played at Brisbane Festival Speigletent in 2011, and will be again in 2012. In the last 12 months we have played at Zoo, Powerhouse and Black Bear Lodge, we are looking to do a tour to launch our upcoming EP around Nov-Dec 2012. You can check out our music through Facebook, Youtube and Triple J Unearthed.
LMM: How would you describe your music?

Epic Indie Folk
LMM: You’re playing at the 4 Walls Festival in August, are you looking forward to that?
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