RocKwiz Live! announce 2016 Christmas(ish) shows!


It’s back! The RocKwiz Christmas extravaganza, with all your favourite Chrissie trimmings* … plus a nod and a wink to the year just gone.

Julia, Brian, Dugald, the RocKwiz OrKestra with Vika and Linda Bull and six extra special guests, will deliver the best Christmas present you could hope for in 2016!

The team will serve up a classic RocKwiz Live! Christmas mix of seasonal songs and curly questions, all wrapped up in the comic smorgasbord we’re famous for! As usual, our contestants on the night will be drawn from the audience and the soundtrack will be a heavenly mixture of your favourite Christmas songs and musical treats from the year.

Don’t miss this cool Yule celebration … a RocKwiz Live! show with Christmas bells and whistles.

RocKwiz Live! Christmas(ish) Show

Julia Zemiro, Brian Nankervis
Dugald, the RocKwiz Orkestra
with Vika and Linda Bull + very special guests!

Thursday, 1 December 2016
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, SA
Tickets on sale at 9.00am on Monday, 19 September from
Ticketmaster | 136 100

Saturday, 10 December 2016
Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tickets on sale at 9.00am on Monday, 19 September from
Ticketek | Venue Box Office – 02 9550 3666

Saturday, 17 December 2016
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Vic
Tickets on sale at 10.00am on Monday, 19 September from
Ticketmaster | 136 100

* In the interests of full disclosure, we can’t promise
there’ll be crackling or pudding
Twitter and Instagram: @RocKwiz

PS: For your amusement, here’s a few Christmas cracker jokes we found behind the couch:

Q. What do you call a man with brown paper trousers?
A. Russell

Q. Why did Santa’s helper see the psychiatrist?
A. Because he had low ‘elf’ esteem!

Q. How do you kill a circus?
A. You go for the juggler.

Q. What happens if you put a cracker in a tin of alphabet spaghetti?
A. If it goes off it could spell disaster.

Q. Why does your dad call you a donkey?
A. ‘Eyore, eyore, ‘e always calls me that!

Q. What was Santa’s favourite pizza
A. One that’s deep pan, crisp and even