Q&A with Nathan Persal – The Dawn Chorus

dawn chorus
After the recent release of their new single “Plain Song” (video clip below) we caught up with The Dawn Chorus‘s Nathan Persal.

:: What track changed your life ::

“Enter Sandman” Metallica

:: What is your favourite Album ::

“Fight For Your Mind”, Ben Harper

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::

Brody Graham

:: Favourite Quote ::

“The grass is always greener on the fence”

:: When on tour, you can’t live without ::

Food and water

:: When you think of Australia, you think ::

Eucalypts and Acacias

:: Worst thing to happen to music is ::

The internet

:: Best thing about the current music industry ::

The internet

:: Biggest influence ::

Parents and friends

:: Childhood hero ::

David (David and Goliath)

:: When you were younger you wanted to be ::

The fastest runner in the world

:: Last album bought ::

“Songs for the deaf”, Queens of the Stone age

:: First album you ever bought ::

“Not So Tough Now”, Frenzal Rhomb

:: First concert you went to ::

Deep Purple

:: Last concert you went to ::


:: Favourite current band ::

The Dear Hunter

:: Favourite drink ::


:: Favourite book ::

Any Atlas

:: Favourite actor ::

Mark Wahlberg

:: Favourite website ::


:: The best boredom buster is ::

The internet/ reading

:: The best film you ever saw was ::

Swiss Family Robinson

:: Your ultimate snack is ::


:: The first thing you do when you wake up is ::


:: Best piece of advice you’ve received ::

Learn as much as you can about as much as you can

:: Your biggest aspirations ::

Play music, travel and eat good food

:: Best gift you’ve ever given/received ::