Interview with MIA DYSON

Interview by Stuart Blythe
After three years in the US, Mia Dyson returns to Australia with her new album “The Moment”. We caught up with Mia as she prepares to kick off her national tour.

LMM: You’ve spent the last few years in the US, how was that experience?

MIA: It was everything from exhilarating, inspiring, adventurous, to lonely, scary, challenging. I have done a lot of growing up having been away from my comfortable, familiar Australian life.
LMM: For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound/music?

MIA: Rock and roll, bit bluesy bit country sometimes, bit soul— a very concise description!
LMM: I understand a fan funding campaign help get your new album “The Moment” up an running?

MIA: Sure did. It’s a really great platform for indie musicians to make records. No need to a record company, just go straight to the fans and they donate to the campaign and also get some fun stuff for their money – VIP tickets, house concerts, etc… pretty cool.
LMM: How is “The Moment” different from your previous albums?

MIA: I think it’s more honest and direct lyrically and the song writing is stronger. There’s a couple of songs on piano too, which is a first for me.
LMM: The lead single “When the Moment Comes” has had both radio support and a spot as iTunes single of the week.
Are you happy with the reception it has received?

MIA: Yep, I’m really encouraged by the reaction it’s getting
LMM: What would be the biggest obstacle as an artist in the music industry today?

MIA: I think we are all our own obstacle. There’s no one thing stopping us. It’s tough, but following any dream in life is tough.
LMM: If you were starting out as a young musician today, what advise would you give your younger self?

MIA: Follow your instincts. Don’t assume ‘the experts’ know better than you. You’re the only one who can really know what you want and need to do.
LMM: You’ve played with a number of your childhood heros, including Bonnie Raitt.
Who inspires you these days?

MIA: Lots of people – Lucinda Wiliams, Neko Case, Gillian Welch, my friends Liz Stringer, Jen Cloher, Laura Jean
LMM: You’re kicking off an Australian tour on August 24th.
Anything you would like to say to your Australian fans ahead of the tour?

MIA: Come to a show! I’ve missed you

—– Quick Questions —–

:: What track changed your life ::
Dark end of the street

:: Biggest influence ::
Lucinda Williams

:: Name a band or artist we should checkout ::
Garrision Star

:: Favourite Quote ::
This too shall pass

:: Three words to describe the last few years ::
tumultuous, triumphant, tragic

:: Three words to describe the year ahead ::
exciting, adventurous, fun

Catch Mia Dyson at BIGSOUND Live on Thursday, September 13, 2012.


Aug 24: Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns QLD
Sept 7: Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs, VIC
Sept 12: Brisbane Festival- Spiegeltent, Brisbane QLD
Sept 14: Lizottes, Newcastle NSW
Sept 15: Notes Live, Sydney NSW
Sept 16: The Abbey, Canberra ACT
Sept 21: Republic Bar, Hobart TAS
Sept 22: Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC
Oct 6: Lizottes, Kincumber NSW
Oct 27: Sydney Blues Festival, Sydney NSW
Nov 8: Mojos, Fremantle WA
Nov 9: Bridgetown Blues, Bridgetown WA

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